• ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: April 1 – April 10

    From:Mirror-showmenft.eth To our lovely ShowMers ! In the first half of April, ShowMe continued its roadmap journey and achieved great results! ShowMe was live on PlatON smoothly and reached a great partnership with Stone Aeon; ShowMe officially launched Pioneer Program and Pioneers have already started to work; There will be series of events in the upcoming weeks, please stay tuned. We’ve conducted events on various community platforms and we also surpassed 27,000 followers on Twitter!😎 Finally, we would love to thank the community members, strategic partners and investors for your continuous support!…

    April 19, 2022
  • Announcement | How to receive PlatON mainnet rewards

    We have carried out a series of community activities before the launch of PlatON Mainnet, and issued several community rewards categorized in the four main situations: Situation 1: Users who have used an Alaya network address as their reward receiving address during the events, and the aLATs were issued to them. Reward winners of this part include all users who have been issued with aLATs on the Alaya network. Detailed award records can be accessed through the aLAT token holder on the Alaya browser. For this part of the reward,…

    April 23, 2021 dAPP
  • Wallet | MathWallet has joined the PlatON Ecosystem!

    Download MathWallet Install Extension Wallet: https://www.mathwallet.org/ When the installation is complete, click the Extension icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings Set up password Set up Language Click Settings in the upper right corner of the extension Select language Choose English then confirm Create PlatON wallet Click on the top right corner to switch the network Click + to create wallet After setting the wallet name, click Confirm Copy the mnemonic and save it properly. Click complete to finish wallet creation. DApp store Click on the DApp Store in the lower right corner Most DApps now are Developer DApps

    April 23, 2021 dAPP
  • 【Grants Program Introduction】LAT.Finance’s Phase One Product: Staking Mining Pool

    Program Name LAT.Finance Program Introduction LAT.Finance is the portal-level financial platform of the PlatON ecosystem. It focuses on facilitating users’ convenient participation in PlatON’s financial business, and helps users tap high-quality investment opportunities with detailed data and intelligent strategies. LAT.Finance will continue to launch new financial products based on the development of the ecosystem. This time’s Grant includes its first product, the Staking Mining Pool, which aims to provide entrusted pledge services for ATP holders of the Alaya network and maximize revenue with intelligent strategies. Detailed Description When participating in…

    March 9, 2021