Daily View | Wednesday August 10

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Total issuanceCirculationPledge rateTotal pledgeNumber of addresses
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/


Trading pair24 hours high24 hours low24-hour trading volume
Data source: Huobi Exchange

【10 days node data】

Aug 10201165161
Aug 09201155161
Aug 08201155161
Aug 07201155161
Aug 06201155161
Aug 05201155161
Aug 04201145161
Aug 03201155161
Aug 02201175159
Aug 01201175159
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

Curve: Curve.fi domain name servers have been stolen, users need to remove the relevant contract authorization

On August 10, Curve tweeted that the Curve.fi domain name server has been stolen and if users have approved the 0x9eb5f8e83359bb5013f3d8eee60bdce5654e8881 contract on Curve in the past few hours, please revoke it immediately and use curve.exchange temporarily.

Ankr Network Launches Ankr 2.0, Including ANKR Token Pledge

On August 10, crypto infrastructure provider AnkrNetwork announced on Twitter the launch of Ankr 2.0, with updates including the ANKRToken pledge that will be launched on Thursday. Allows its users to operate full archive nodes on the blockchain through the Ankr network and earn a portion of the fees paid to the node operators. Developers building on top of the Ankr network will need to pledge (self-stake) 100,000 ANKR (currently worth about $3,200) to nodes before they can serve remote procedure call (RPC) traffic. Token holders can support individual node providers by pledging ANKRs. According to the plan, 70% of Tokens are allocated to nodes, of which 49% are allocated to individual pledgers and 51% are allocated to node providers. The remaining 30% of Token is given to AnkrTreasury, which is controlled by AnkrDAO and managed by ANKR Token holders.

Daily View | Wednesday August 10


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