Daily View | Friday July 22

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【10 days node data】

July 22201175156
July 21201165156
July 20201155156
July 19201155156
July 18201155156
July 17201155156
July 16201145156
July 15201145156
July 14201155156
July 13201165156
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

Three Arrows Capital liquidators have taken control of at least $40 million in assets

July 22 – Three Arrows Capital liquidators now have control of at least $40 million in assets, but this represents only a fraction of the amount recovered by creditors, according to court bankruptcy filings. The fund’s assets consist primarily of bank deposits, cryptocurrencies, NFT and shares in digital asset companies. The liquidators believe Three Arrows Capital’s founders Kyle Davies and Zhu Su still own or control certain digital assets and bank accounts, and that requests for information have been sent since July 1 to about 40 entities in which Three Arrows Capital may have been involved in investments, as well as to about 30 banks and exchanges. Court documents show that Three Arrows Capital’s creditors have filed paperwork indicating they are owed more than $2.8 billion in unsecured arrears, and that number is expected to rise significantly. (Bloomberg)

Epic Games CEO: absolutely will not ban NFT like “My World

Golden Finance reports that Tim Sweeney, co-founder and CEO of Epic Game, the developer of the well-known game Fortnite, responded to a user’s request on social media that the company follow the lead of My World developer Mojang Studios in banning the use of NFT, saying, “Developers should be free to decide how to build their games, and players are free to decide whether to play them, and I don’t think game app stores and OS makers should interfere by imposing their views on others. We absolutely will not.” When Steam announced its ban on NFT and blockchain technology last October, the Epic Games Store also said it would not follow suit and would continue to support NFT games.

Daily View | Friday July 22


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