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Total issuanceCirculationPledge rateTotal pledgeNumber of addresses
10,250,000,000117,290,00030.72% 1,115,689,194.6339,763
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/


Trading pair24 hours high24 hours low24-hour trading volume
Data source: Huobi Exchange

【10 days node data】

June 22201642722
June 21201692321
June 20201692321
June 19201692321
June 18201672221
June 17201672219
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

“Dollarization” fails, or it may become a “break” in the legalization of Bitcoin

This article is reproduced from the change account; the original author Zhou Ziheng; reprinted by the Planet Daily with permission

Bitcoin has become the legal tender of a country, and its sovereign currency system will be divided into two. The subsequent shocks and conditions will be endless and unbearable. This is not the rational choice of a sovereign state. However, this still cannot stop individual sovereign countries willing to risk the world’s unrest and feed the tiger with their bodies. What are the reasons?

Data: Ethereum miner transaction fee income hit a one-year low, and on-chain activity fell to its lowest level in twelve months

According to a new report from Glassnode, the Bitcoin market continues to show relative weakness in terms of price and on-chain activity. The transaction fee income of Ethereum miners hit a new low in a year, and the average daily transaction fee income has dropped from more than 15,000 ETH/day in early May to only 1,900 ETH/day.

The overall on-chain activity of Bitcoin and Ethereum is very low, and the demand for block space has dropped to the lowest level in 2020.

观点 | 我们凭什么敢说LAT会达到千亿市值


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