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Total issuanceCirculationPledge rateTotal pledgeNumber of addresses
10,250,000,000 169,123,000 31.35% 1,189,002112.01 43,548
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/


Trading pair24 hours high24 hours low24-hour trading volume
Data source: Huobi Exchange

【10 days node data】

September 21 201226102
September 20 201226102
September 19 201227101
September 18 201228100
September 17201228100
September 16 201221098
September 15 20123998
September 14 201201097
September 13 201201295
September 12201201295
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

PayPal releases its “Super App”, which integrates payment, digital wallet, and encryption functions

Babbitt News, PayPal has been talking about its “superapp” program recently, and recently told investors that its upcoming digital wallet and payment applications have begun to be released. The first version of the application was officially launched today, providing a combination of multiple financial tools, including direct deposit, bill payment, digital wallet, peer-to-peer payment, shopping tools, encryption functions, etc. The company also announced a partnership with Synchrony Bank to develop a new high-yield savings account, PayPal Savings. The app now has a personalized Dashboard that provides an overview of customer accounts. The Wallet tab allows users to manage direct deposits, connect bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards and other sources of funds, and can also register PayPal’s own debit, credit and cash cards. The Finance tab provides high-yield savings and previously available encryption features, allowing users to buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Open Bank TrueLayer completes USD 130 million financing at a valuation of 1 billion, led by Tiger Global

According to news from the chain, the open bank TrueLayer announced that it has completed a $130 million financing with a valuation of $1 billion, led by TigerGlobalManagement, and the payment company Stripe participates in the investment. Open banking is a relatively new concept in the financial technology industry. By allowing banks to directly open their systems to developers through APIs, they try to bypass traditional finance and the dominance of traditional banks. TrueLayer currently provides services including payment, payment, user account information and user verification, and end users include new banks, cryptocurrency startups, wealth management institutions, or gaming platforms.

Daily View | Tuesday September 21


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