NFT Voting Instructions

NFT Voting Instructions

LAT/aLAT holders who have voting eligibility (balance more than 2000) can vote for PlatON Mainnet launch by sending the NTF Token [Vote] to a specific address.

Before the voting starts, each eligible PlatON Mainnet LAT address will receive an NFT Token [Vote], which means one address, one vote.

All NFT Tokens [Vote] will be burnt after the end of voting, and we will send an NFT badge commemorating the launch of PlatON Mainnet to each address that participated in the voting to express our gratitude for your support.

Overview of the voting process:

You’ll find an NFT token [Vote] in “Collectibles” in your LAT wallet as shown below:

NFT Voting Instructions

When voting starts, if you approve that the pre-deployed network should be PlatON Mainnet, transfer the “NFT token [Vote]” to the following address:


NFT Voting Instructions

If you disapprove, no action is required.

Here are the detailed operating instructions:


1.Installing or updating ATON

Download and install ATON, make sure ATON is upgraded to version 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 and above.

Download link:

Special reminder: Before upgrading ATON, please make sure to safely backup the wallet private key and mnemonic in ATON.

2.Preparation of the wallet for voting on the PlatON Mainnet

Note: Wallets eligible to vote are ones that have participated in the initial allocation of PlatON Mainnet and met the voting requirements (including the wallets mapped from aLAT to PlatON Mainnet that met the voting requirements)

Scenario 1: wallet eligible for vote on the PlatON Mainnet is stored in the ATON

No additional action is required. Just wait for the vote to start and participate.

NFT Voting Instructions

Scenario 2: wallet for voting on the PlatON Mainnet is not stored in the ATON

You need to import the wallet eligible for voting on the PlatON Mainnet into ATON via a private key, wallet file, or mnemonic. For details, see the instructions starting from Step 6 of Scenario 3 below.

Scenario 3: aLAT holders who meet the voting requirements should exchange their aLAT wallets to PlatON Mainnet wallets.


  1. Open the ATON app and find wallets eligible for voting in the Alaya Mainnet. Then click the [Wallet] button to open the Management Page of the wallet.
NFT Voting Instructions

2. Click the [Export Private Key] button, and type in password of wallet to enter the Private Key Export page.

NFT Voting Instructions

Note: wallets of different networks can only be exchanged through wallet generation by importing private keys and wallet files.

3.Click the [Copy] button, then go back to the home page.

NFT Voting Instructions

4. Click [Alaya Mainnet] to go to the page of Changing Network.

NFT Voting Instructions

5. Select [PlatON Mainnetwork(LAT)] to enter the home page of the PlatON Mainnet.

NFT Voting Instructions

6. Click the [Import Wallet] button in the PlatON Mainnet page to generate PlatON Mainnet Wallet after entering the Wallet Import page.

NFT Voting Instructions
NFT Voting Instructions

7. Select the [Private Key] tab, then paste the private key copied from Alaya Mainnet. Type in wallet name and password, then click the [Start to Import] button.

NFT Voting Instructions

8. When the wallet is successfully imported, ATON would go back to the home page of PlatON Mainnet. The LAT prefixed string under the wallet’s name is the mapping address of the above-mentioned Alaya Mainnet Wallet in the PlatON Mainnet.

NFT Voting Instructions

Note: After the aLAT mapping is completed, you would see the amount of original aLAT balance on the converted PlatON Mainnet Wallet address. Please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time.

Participating in voting

According to the community voting procedures for PlatON Mainnet launch, you can vote on ATON with NFT after completing the above preparations when the voting started, i.e., send the received NFT Token [Vote] to the specified voting receiving address.


  1. 1.After the release of NFT (scheduled to release at BJT 16:00, April, 26), you can open ATON and find the “for PlatON Mainnet launch- Vote” NFT Token under the [Collectibles] module in the page of the PlatON Mainnet Wallet.
NFT Voting Instructions

Note: please make sure all eligible addresses for receiving the LAT have received 1 NFT Token Vote for each address prior to BJT 16:00, April 27.

2. At the time of vote (scheduled to begin at BJT 12:00 April, 28), go to NFT Token details to find the “Ticket” received and click [Send] to enter the sending page.

NFT Voting Instructions

Note: you cannot vote if you haven’t received any LAT during the PlatON initial allocation.

3. In the sending page, type in the receiving address of [lat16ph3wuut72ngh6y4q3d23pcfjf4rv55uggamr5]. Click Next to confirm and enter your wallet password to submit the transaction. Voting of this address will be completed when the transaction is completed.

NFT Voting Instructions
NFT Voting Instructions

Note: If you have multiple LAT addresses eligible for voting, please return to the main wallet page to switch wallets and repeat the voting steps above to complete the voting for your addresses.

Other notes:

If the wallet is stored in an ATON that is offline and not connected to the Internet, voting can be performed by setting up an observed wallet, as described in the ATON Wallet Operation Guide at:

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