PlatON Launches Hackathon PLUS, with $1 Million Dollar Project Incentives!

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PlatON Launches Hackathon PLUS, with <img class=

Recently, PlatON has concluded its first hackathon program since the launch of its mainnet. The most exciting part of the hackathon is not the number of participating teams, but the quality of the projects. We have been repeatedly amazed by the constant inspirations from developers and the new value they created for the digital world.

Despite this, as developers from all over the world show great enthusiasm for technology and application, we have reconsidered our original purpose. Is the two-month hackathon program really enough? Considering that hackathons represent a digital race track on which developers constantly strive for further progress, should we just stop?

For developers, a long-lasting race track is the greatest driving force.

The relentless underlying technology infrastructure of PlatON should carry the equally relentless developers and demonstrate its power to drive technological progress.

In light of this, PlatON decided to introduce Hackathon PLUS!

An upgrade of the PlatON Hackathon with INCREDIBLE rewards

As the successor to the PlatON Hackathon, Hackathon PLUS will be a sweeping force.

Hackathon PLUS will provide additional 1-million-dollar project incentives for the first batch of 31 hackathon project teams that participated in the ecosystem construction, as a gesture to encourage further development, research, and launch on PlatON, continued contributions to the testing of the PlatON Ethereum-compatible version, as well as the deployment of its test network to expand the PlatON ecosystem’s global presence.

After applying for Hackathon PLUS, the eight winning teams in the PlatON Hackathon will first receive an incentive fund of 100,000 LAT. Upon meeting the implementation criteria, the eight teams will get a subsequent incentive of 50,000 LAT to 150,000 LAT. As for the other 23 teams, once they applied for Hackathon PLUS, PlatON will offer them an incentive fund of 50,000 LAT. Upon meeting the implementation criteria, the 23 teams will get a subsequent incentive of 50,000 LAT to 150,000 LAT.

As the tech pioneers of the PlatON’s first hackathon program, these outstanding teams and projects have become deeply intertwined with PlatON’s underlying technologies and developed a profound friendship with the PlatON team. Hackathon PLUS will guide them along the way towards successful implementation and a prosperous ecosystem.

Empowering solid, steady, and high-quality growth

Hackathon PLUS is based on PlatON’s full compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem.

In the upcoming new version Copernicus, PlatON achieves the seamless migration and full compatibility with Ethereum, which will lower the development threshold for community developers who wish to contribute to the building of the PlatON network and improve the development experience. With Copernicus, PlatON will be one step closer to achieving its goal of a universal AI network.

Carrying PlatON’s vision of gathering global developers and building an open technology ecosystem, Hackathon PLUS sincerely invites developers around the world to be part of PlatON’s Ethereum compatibility testing. We hope they can launch their projects and bear fruits by integrating their applications with PlatON’s underlying technologies, thereby injecting more diversity to the application ecosystem of PlatON and its meta network Alaya.

Furthermore, PlatON will also keep empowering projects for solid, steady, and high-quality growth. The network will join hands with developers for shared growth.

For more information, please refer to PlatON’s GitHub page:


  1. This event for PlatON Ethereum-compatible version can be validated on both the Alaya and the PlatON Development Testnet.
  2. The additional incentives offered to hackathon teams will be locked for 12 months, with funds evenly released on a monthly basis.
  3. The LatticeX Foundation reserves the final interpretation of the event.

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