RealRan | VRF 2.0 Beta Incentivized Testing

RealRan | VRF 2.0 Beta Incentivized Testing

Why We are here

In VRF 1.0, we leverage the PlatON built-in contract to generate on-chain random values in a more developer-friendly and Chainlink-compatible way. Based on the previous version, we released VRF 2.0 beta version, which has been deployed on the PlatON Devnet.

The version mainly introduces an off-chain value generating mechanism. After receiving the event, the off-chain service integrating the BN254 curve algorithm generates the random values and proofs, and then verifies them on the chain before fulfilling the values to the user contract.

RealRan wants to build an open, community-driven and tech-driven product with more public involvement so we are sincerely inviting users and developers to help develop, test and improve the current product with your skills and suggestions.

When To Join

June 9th, 2022 08:00 UTC+8 — June 21st, 2022 17:00 UTC+8

How To Join

What you can do?

If you are a developer, you could pick up

  • Doc work: read our docs and tell us the errors with fix-ups or any improvements.
  • Function testing: follow the HOW-TO doc and test any function you like. Tell us the bugs if found.

If you are not a developer, you could share

  • Suggestions and Ideas: We welcome any discussions on product improvement.

How to feedback?

You are encouraged to


  • For each issue constructive comment submitted as an issue in our Github, 1,000–5,000 LAT will be rewarded. NOTE: We will announce the final result in our discord channel. After you submit the Github issue, please let us know through the discord.
  • For all participants who Follow our twitter, Like, RT with 10+ likes, and Tag 3 friends, we will randomly select 9 lucky ones:
    🎁1 for 1,000 LAT
    🎁3 for 500 LAT
    🎁5 for 100 LAT
  • For all participants who follow our Twitter, Like & RT, we will randomly select 10 lucky ones with 100 LAT as reward.

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