StoneAeon has integrated RealRan VRF to Help Make the Game’s Virtual Asset output Easier

StoneAeon has integrated RealRan VRF to Help Make the Game’s Virtual Asset output Easier

RealRan are excited to announce that StoneAeon — an NFT play-to-earn game with multiple world views — has integrated RealRan Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on PlatON Network. By integrating the VRF, we now have easy access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness, giving players a verifiable random number when they complete tasks in the game such as mining or hunting. These numbers will be involved in determining the amount of equipment and pets output, helping to make the output of virtual assets from the game an easier and fairer process.

About RealRan

RealRan is dedicated to building the Multi-party Trust Protocol in cryptography to power the next generation computing scenario, including Hybrid Smart Contract, Web3 and Metaverse. RealRan comes from the global engineering and cryptography research team, expertise in ZK, MPC, FHE protocol and distribution consensus engineering. We envision a new digital economy based on multi-party computing in math. For further information contact:

Learn more about RealRan by visiting or reading the developer documentation at

About StoneAeon

StoneAeon is a fully self-governed, de-centralised metaverse NFT game that allows players to have imaginative adventures and create in the world of StoneAeon, which uses digitally variable NFT technology to create the most realistic and idealised virtual digital assets for all players.

StoneAeon is designed to be a self-evolving virtual world through excellent game play mechanics, where players participate in game activities and influence the course of the StoneAeon game world.

Learn more about StoneAeon by visiting Stone Aeon or reading the White Paper at StoneAeon-WhitePaper

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