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  • ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

    To our lovely ShowMers !In the second half of May, ShowMe continued its roadmap journey and achieved great results! ShowMe has reached partnership with ETH SHANGHAI and SlowMist in the past 2 weeks ;ShowMe has organized and participated in multiple AMAs with some potential projects ;All the NFT badges could be claimed on the Drop page, go and get yours !There will be series of events in the upcoming weeks, please stay tuned. We’ve conducted events on various community platforms and we also surpassed 29,000 followers on Twitter!😎Finally, we would…

    May 30, 2022
  • ShowMe X Hogwarts Labs 2nd Workshop Recap Dao Treasury Management

    By Maximilian Santner, Jade Lee Why need Treasury Management? DAO treasuries have grown significantly over the past year. The top protocol DAOs have over 14B in combined treasury assets. So, what should treasuries do with these assets? To answer this question, we need to learn the purpose of treasuries. Anything in a DAO that can be automated should be. Anything that can’t be automated should be funded by the treasury. Treasuries help DAOs fund critical development, attract contributors, and grow their network.Principles of Treasury Management Maintain an infinite time horizon:…

    May 23, 2022