About Us

About Us

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About PlatONWorld

PlatONWorld.org is a multilingual, resource-driven community platform designed for global members and users of the PlatON and Alaya ecosystems. It serves as a growth-oriented community focusing on content navigation and learning. The platform aims to provide a quick channel for understanding and participating in PlatON and Alaya applications and activities, supporting the global vision of the LatticeX Foundation and the future prospects of privacy computing. Additionally, PlatONWorld aids in brand building and promotion to help non-blockchain users appreciate the value of privacy computing.

Vision of PlatONWorld: A Hub for PlatON Long-termists

We participated in the 2018 first round and 2021 third round PlatON (LAT) presales. PlatONWorld was initiated by a group of HODLers from the blockchain world. The founders have diverse backgrounds in blockchain R&D and investment, internet product and operations, enterprise digital intelligence consulting and implementation, brand strategy, and marketing.

Since 2018, the founders have been following privacy computing technologies and the PlatON project, collaborating with the PlatON team and top enterprises across various industries.

With a deep understanding of blockchain’s decentralized development, the global demand for privacy protection in digital intelligence, and the catalytic potential of privacy computing for big data and AI, the PlatONWorld team is committed to supporting the LatticeX Foundation. Together, they aim to nurture and grow the PlatON ecosystem, expand application scenarios, build consensus, and realize the future of privacy AI.

PlatONWorld Team

The core members of the PlatONWorld team possess strong industry skills and complementary capabilities. Their expertise extends beyond blockchain to other business domains, offering unmatched experience and advantages.

  • Blockchain Industry Experience
  • Since 2013, key members have been involved in Bitcoin ventures, handling projects in APPs, dAPPs, DeFi, exchanges, public chains, mining machines, chips, cold wallets, C2C, nodes, and POS payments, providing comprehensive knowledge and operational experience in each field.
  • Brand Marketing Experience
  • With core members from 4A agencies, the team has a deep understanding of traditional brand marketing and promotion. They have operated marketing for traditional enterprises with over 60 million users, effectively understanding user behavior and market trends.
  • Traditional IT Business Experience
  • The team has extensive experience in government and enterprise IT services, including IT integration and SaaS operations across various countries. They understand the pain points and collaborative needs of enterprise clients, offering insights into digital asset management and digital transformation. They assist enterprises in planning and implementing large-scale digital projects using PlatON and Alaya’s privacy AI technology, ensuring high-quality project management and true digital empowerment.

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