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  • TOP Huge Upgrade! PlatON Privacy-preserving Computation Network Version 0.4.0 to Support Data Transaction

    PlatON Privacy-preserving Computation Network Version 0.4.0 will soon be launched. Compared with Version 0.3.0, the new version features many surprising improvements, enabling the construction of a new data market that will be free, open, diversified, and prudent. Privacy-preserving Computation Network upgrades to Datum, creating a new model for data flow and value creation Since Version 0.3.0 (Metis0.3.0) was launched, PlatON Privacy-preserving Computation Network, centering on data, has built the prototype of a data circulation network that covers data owners, data users, algorithm developers, and arithmetic providers, with blockchain and privacy-preserving…

    May 27, 2022
  • TOP Interpretation | Privacy Computing-the neglected important technical basis for the construction of the metaverse

    Author : Meta菲力哥The following content is a personal opinion and does not represent investment advice.If you like it, please comment, like and share! Around 3500 BC, the Sumerians created the oldest civilization in the history of mankind on the Mesopotamian plains, which is also considered to be the earliest civilization of mankind. It meets the academic standards for the birth of civilization, including the emergence of cities, the emergence of writing, and the establishment of national systems. At the end of the 15th century, the Italian navigator Columbus discovered the…

    November 23, 2021
  • TOP More Details | PlatON Partnered with Google Cloud

    Author : Harlan The following content is personal opinion and does not represent investment advice. If you like it, please triple click, like, comment and share! On November 4, 2021, PlatON, a privacy AI computing network, announced a strategic partnership with Google, a leading global technology company. In the initial stage of the cooperation, PlatON will serve as an important partner of Google Cloud in the field of blockchain and privacy computing, exploring applications and solutions of blockchain and privacy computing technologies together with Google, and providing basic application technologies…

    November 9, 2021
  • TOP Summary of PlatON’ overseas community events

    【2022.06.16】Port3Network x PlatON NFT Giveaway BitWell and PlatON will have a NFT Giveaway during June 16th – June 23th. [Link] 【2022.06.08】BitWell x PlatON AMA BitWell will have an AMA with PlatON at 11:00 Jun. 9th 2022 UTC with $300 as a reward. [Link] 【2022.06.06】BitKeep x PlatON Airdrops BitKeep and PlatON will airdrop $2500 token during June 6-June 12, 11:59PM (GMT+8). [Link] 【2022.05.31】BitKeep x PlatON AMA BitKeep will have an AMA with PlatON at 12 PM (UTC) | May 31, 2022 with $500 as a reward. [Link] 【2022.05.25】StonAeon x RealRan AMA…

    August 5, 2021
  • ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report | July 26 – Aug 8

    To lovely ShowMers ! Happy August! ShowMe continued its roadmap journey and achieved great results! ShowMe has reached partnership with several projects ShowMe has organized multiple Twitter Giveaways with some potential projects; There will be more community events to come! Finally, we would love to thank the community members, strategic partners and investors for your continuous support! ❤️ Partnership 1️⃣ ShowMe x NFTPlay NFTPlay is a new generation of NFT projects, mainly based on offline display scenarios. ShowMe is glad to reach reach a partnership with NFTPlay to giveaway their frame…

    1 hour ago
  • Daily View | Tuesday August 09

    The following contents are organized and provided by PlatONWorld to spread more information and not represent the position of PlatONWorld. The contents are from third-party platforms, and the accuracy, authenticity, completeness, validity, and real-time nature of the information are not guaranteed. 【LAT】 Total issuance Circulation Pledge rate Total pledge Number of addresses 10,506,250,000 2,843,120,000 30.09% 1,458,642,694.71 201,926 Data source: https://scan.platon.network/ 【Quotes】 Trading pair 24 hours high 24 hours low 24-hour trading volume LAT/USDT 0.0138 0.0132 101,313 BTC/USDT 24242.07 23256.01 10,005 ETH/USDT 1817.94 1707.94 111,389 Data source: Huobi Exchange 【10 days…

    1 hour ago
  • Hackathon | PlatON × Gitcoin

    The #MoneyLegos Hackathon with @gitcoin starts today! As the first round of the carnival, PlatON presents $2100 in prizes up for grabs! Take the challenge and check out the bounties here: https://gitcoin.co/platonnetwork/active

    1 day ago
  • QPassport Rebrands to HashKey DID

    Dear Community: We’re thrilled to announce that QPassport is officially rebranding as HashKey DID after taking the long-run user-friendly development of the product into serious consideration. HashKey Group is an end-to-end digital asset financial services group in Asia. Joining in the collaborative and powerful HashKey ecosystem, HashKey DID, as an important infrastructure of Web3, will play an inseparable role and get infinite possibilities from the synergistic DApps, DEX, etc., and will bridge a channel between Web2 and Web3 for you, our dear users. Ever since day one, we’ve been committed to delivering…

    3 days ago
  • PlatON Monthly Report | July 2022

    PlatON, initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, is a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain and supported by the privacy-preserving computation network. “Computing interoperability” is its core feature. By building a computing system assembled by Verifiable Computation, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and other cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology, PlatON provides a public infrastructure in open source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers and various organizations, communities and individuals with computing needs. Technological Progress 07.01–07.15 PlatON: (1) PlatON…

    4 days ago
  • In-depth Analysis | How to provide greater security for sidechain and multi-chain scenarios

    On March 29, Ronin, the cross-chain bridge of the popular chain game Axie Infinity, officially issued a statement that the sidechain had lost about $616 million in the biggest-ever DeFi hacking incident, more than the $611 million hacked from Poly Network last August. Sidechain technology uses cross-chain bridges to transfer funds on Ethereum, allowing users to enjoy abundant decentralized applications with lower fees. In this case, hackers breached the private keys of multiple validators, thereby illegally stealing the ether on the sidechain. Withdrawals require signatures from multiple nodes, which is the multi-signature…

    5 days ago
  • Annoucement | GITCOIN+PlatON

    Annoucement In partnership with @gitcoin, we are happy to announce joining the #MoneyLegos hackathon. #PlatON have got devs and #crypto lovers many bounties and workshops for this big #Dev Carnival! Find out more: https://gitcoin.co/platonnetwork

    6 days ago
  • The First ZK Camp of PrivacyIN Courses | Week4 ZK Hands-on

    The First ZK Camp of PrivacyIN Courses | Week4 ZK Hands-on Lecturer: Kelvin Wong, co-designer and core developer of LatticeX-Rosetta. Let’s learn!

    6 days ago
  • PrivacyIN Open Class | Overview of ZKP-based Machine Learning Protocol

    PrivacyIN Open Class Overview of ZKP-based Machine Learning Protocol Lecturer: @wangxiao1254 Youtube: PrivacyIN Open Class 01: Overview of ZKP based Machine Learning Protocol – YouTube

    July 29, 2022
  • The First ZK Camp of PrivacyIN Courses | Week3 Introduction to the Application of ZKP Circuits

    The First ZK Camp of PrivacyIN Courses | Week3 Introduction to the Application of ZKP Circuits Lecture: Siyuan Han Youtube:Week3 Introduction to the Application of ZKP Circuits – YouTube

    July 29, 2022
  • The First ZK Camp of PrivacyIN Courses | Week2 Basic Principles of the Classic ZK Protocols

    The First ZK Camp of PrivacyIN Courses | Week2 Basic Principles of the Classic ZK Protocols English Subtitle

    July 28, 2022
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