PlatON Grant Hackathon Opens on Share the $170,000 Prize Pool and Learn from the Workshop series!

PlatON Grant Hackathon Opens on Share the 0,000 Prize Pool and Learn from the Workshop series!

PlatON, the privacy-preserving AI network, is officially launching its first online hackathon on DoraHacks’ open source developer platform — Hackerlink on July 21, 2021. The event is designed to inspiring developers’ sparks, creating new value, demonstrating the power of technological advancement, as well as promoting more DApps development on PlatON and Alaya,building a thriving ecosystem.

As PlatON’s pioneer network and testing field, Alaya will take the lead in testing all inspirations and attempts to verify the completeness of the basic functions of the network. This Hackathon, with bounty prizes offered by PlatON, will present a prize pool of $170,000 to fund global open source developers to contribute ideas and early projects based on PlatON/Alaya ecosystem. Among them, $50,000 is allocated based on the voting results of the community$50,000 is determined by the voting of the judges$50,000 is set for the privacy-preserving computation track prize pool, and $20,000 is the special reward for high-quality projects. Developers from all over the world are welcome to submit blockchain projects based on the Alaya!

Quick registration

PlatON Grant has preapared…

  • A total prize pool of $170K: includes a quadratic funding prize pool of $50,000, a judges’ voting prize pool of $50,000$50,000 for the privacy-preserving computation track prize pool, and another $20,000 for special reward for high-quality projects.
  • Judges: Judges made of senior developers in the PlatON/Alaya ecosystem and venture capitals will vote for interesting projects and bring them more seed funding opportunities.
  • Tech Team Support: Mentors will be through the entire process to help you get started with PlatON/Alaya development, improve your skills, and polish your projects!
  • Tech Workshop: Official technical mentors from PlatON/Alaya will host several live workshops to help you get started with PlatON/Alaya development.
  • Team/project publicity exposure: Each applicant will have the opportunity to participate in Demo Day live to showcase the project!
  • Potential investment opportunities: Attend live project demos and let more investors see your project!


Project submission period: July 21 — September 30

Voting period: July 21 — September 30

Workshop: Episode One starts on August 5

Project live demo: Start from mid-August

Hackathon Finale and Finalist demo day: September 25

Who can Apply?

Any projects which are willing to build on PlatON/Alaya is welcomed! (You only need to finish testnet development on PlatON/Alaya by the end of the hackathon)

How to Apply?

  • Please join the Telegram group chat for registration and teaming up! Latest updates will also be shared here.
  • Applicants can submit their projects through Meanwhile, to prevent the participation of fake projects, please contact Hackerlink Helper on Telegram @hackerlinkofficial to verify the authenticity of your project.
  • During the Hackathon, we will conduct multiple rounds of project demos, so that the projects will get more attention in the morning, increase project exposure, and attract more votes and funding opportunities.
  • After the Hackathon, PlatON will work with the panel of judges to select the top projects for seed round investment based on the rubrics and completion.

How are the applicants funded?

Quadratic Funding prize pool: $50,000, distributed by the popularity of the projects

Direct community donations(by votes): no limit. In previous events, direct community donations often exceeded the total prize pool.

The Hackathon uses a quadratic voting algorithm to allocate prizes, and the prize pool will be distributed to teams based on the popularity of their uploaded projects, while the projects will also receive direct donations from community voters.

Special reminder: No need to worry about the ranking, as long as you get votes, you can participate in the prize pool.

Privacy-preserving computation track prize pool: $50,000

Individual prizes: $20,000

In short, the total prize pool that projects are funded is of $170,000!

Useful Links:

Official website:



Developer documentation:




Telegram: /



About PlatON

PlatON was initiated and promoted by the LatticeX Foundation. Based on the basic properties of the blockchain and supported by a privacy-preserving computing network, PlatON provides the next-generation Internet basic protocol featuring “computing interoperability”. It builds a computing system jointly assembled by cryptographic algorithms such as verifiable computing, secure multi-party computing, zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, and blockchain technology to provide public infrastructure under an open-source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers as well as various institutions, communities, and individuals with computing needs.

About Alaya

Alaya is a business sandbox and testing field for the next-generation of financial infrastructure of PlatON, a global data asset computing infrastructure with cutting-edge privacy-preserving architecture. While Alaya and PlatON share the almost identical underlying technology, they maintain their respective degrees of openness and independent activities. Despite sharing the same vision and ideas, their evolution paths and specializations differ.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world’s most active developer communities. HackerLink ( is DoraHacks’ open source developer platform and open source curation market. HackerLink provides unique on-chain tools to incentivize open source developments around the world. The platform is offering features including hacker profile, BUIDL, quadratic funding grants, bonding curve, bounties, hackathons to more than 100,000 users around the world.

For more information on DoraHacks, please visit our website | Medium | Discord | Telegram|Youtube

PlatON Grant Hackathon Opens on Share the 0,000 Prize Pool and Learn from the Workshop series!

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