Dante Network | Dante Network&Crypto Infinity AMA Event Review

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Dante Network | Dante Network&Crypto Infinity AMA Event Review

August 11, 2021, 13:00 UTC – Dante Network’s CMO-Murphy was invited to participate in an AMA event at the overseas Crypto Infinity telegram group.

Up to the start of the AMA event, a total of 271 Dante related questions were collected from the comments below the event’s Twitter feed, and Murphy first answered the five questions.

Dante Network | Dante Network&Crypto Infinity AMA Event Review


Q 主持人

Please briefly introduce yourself and the project:


A Dante CMO——Murphy

Good evening everyone, I’m Murphy, CMO of Dante Network, today I represent Dante Network to join this AMA with you guys. I’m really glad to have this chance to talk about Dante Network with you. I hope today’s AMA can let you know about the Dante Network and get interesting. I also hope your question won’t baffle me. 


Dante CMO——Murphy

Dante Network is a privacy storage network based on PlatON ecosystem, which is designed to solve the data storage privacy issue, providing a solution for data storage, and protecting data privacy in the key part of data processing with the private AI computing network of PlatON. We are aiming to become the security station for the free circulation of digital assets, providing comprehensive protection in data circulation, storage, calculating, and ensuring the data owners keep the data sovereignty.

Dante Network 是基于PlatON生态的隐私存储网络,我们旨在解决数据存储环节隐私保护的问题,为数据提供隐私存储的解决方案,并通过与 PlatON 的隐私AI计算网络相结合,在数据流通的关键环节,全面充分地保护数据隐私不被窥探。为生态的所有参与者在数据交易、保管,计算等关键环节的隐私安全护航,使数据所有者能够确保自己的数据主权,保障自己的信息隐私,进而从数据流转增值的过程中获得自己应有的权益。

Q1 @SLiomie

Community is a key factor for all projects to be successful. Do you have any plan to attract more users and improve user experience? What is your governance model to give the power to community members?


A1 Dante CMO——Murphy

For your first question, the answer is very certain. YES, community is a key factor in the blockchain projects. We put community development at a very important position all the time, and we will keep doing so all along with our project going.

As we listed in our Whitepaper, Dante takes 1/4 Token from the Economic Model to use as community construction. 1/4 Token will be used as incentives to  encourage the users to contribute to Dante Network. There will not be any financial requirements for users to participate, like today’s AMA.


大家可以看到,在我们的经济模型规划中,讲拿出总量的1/4,即25%的DAT Token用于社区建设,向参与支持Dante项目的朋友们提供激励。这个激励是没有身份和资金门槛的,一切本着公平公正公开的原则,比如今天我们举办的这场AMA活动。

Dante CMO——Murphy

As for the second question, In the early stage, the project team will play the main part to support and develop the community growth due to technological requirements and marketing demands. While as the project developing to a stable stage, we will start the community governance by the form of DAO to achieve the DECENTRALIZATION goal. The community will be the owner of Dante Network who makes decisions through democracy voting to modify any change of Dante. Meanwhile, In order to avoid the monopoly, we will consider voting twice in the DAO system to make sure the activities go on a properly fair way.

那对于第二个问题来说,在早期,由于有很多技术和市场难题需要公关,项目团队将更多的支持社区的发展,在项目逐步进入稳定运行阶段后,我们会以DAO的形式开启社区的治理,实现去中心化的初衷,团队将Dante Network治理权利完全分配给社区,将启动提案公投等方式来决定Dante Network每一次改动及发展。本质上,我们认为Dante Token代表了选票,但是我们想尽量避免出现大户垄断的现象,所以在DAO的机制上,我们也会考虑引入如二次方投票等方式,来让更多的人能够更好的参与进来,而不只是大户的游戏。

Q2 @Nguyenhuybach12

A question about DAT token, adoption of token to the ecosystem is one of the good things to increase its usability and spend, so what role does DAT token play to the ecosystem? 

我有个关于DAT Token 的问题,在生态中引入Token无疑是一件好事,可以提高Token的实用性和商品性,那么DAT Token 在生态中到底扮演了一个什么样的角色呢?

A2 Dante CMO——Murphy

We definitly don’t want DAT to be an eye candy. Here we share our DAT distribution ratio:

Dante Network | Dante Network&Crypto Infinity AMA Event Review

DAT is an important part in this ecosystem, here’s several use cases of DAT:

1) Privacy Storage Purchase: Users who have a strong demand for data sovereignty can obtain the privacy storage service provided by Dante Network by paying a certain DAT fee.

2) Community Governance: DAT holders can initiate proposals or vote on Dante Network by burning a small amount of DAT.

3) Validation Challenge: When a storage node is suspected of fraud, the validation node can challenge the storage node by staking DAT.

4) Staking: When a storage node provides storage services for Dante Network, it is required to stake a portion of DAT to ensure user data security.



1) 隐私存储购买:对数据主权拥有强需求性用户,可通过支付一定DAT,获取Dante Network提供的隐私存储服务。

2) 社区治理:DAT持有者,可以通过燃烧少量DAT对Dante Network发起提案或投票。

3) 验证挑战:当存储节点发生疑似欺诈行为,验证节点可通过质押DAT的方式对存储节点发起挑战。

4) 质押:当存储节点为Dante Network提供存储服务时,需要通过质押一部分DAT来保障用户数据安全。

Q3 @chuhua111

For me, TRUST and SECURITY is very important in any business. What makes investors, customers and users feel safe while working on your project? and trust in the progress of the project?


A3 Dante CMO——Murphy

Security is what we value most since the beginning of design and development. Here we demonstrate how Dante Network to guarantee the security of privacy from 2 aspects.

1) Security of Token transmit. First of all, DAT, native Token of Dante Network, is strict inconformity with the requirements of ERC20. Secondly, DAT mine adopts Threshold Multi-signatures to guarantee the security during operating. Moreover, DAT is based on the PlatON privacy-preserving computing network, which owns a complete cryptographic security protection infrastructural base.

2) Security of Data transmit. The data that transmitted in the Dante Network will be protected, secured and verified through Security Multi-party Computing (MPC) and Verifiable Computing (VC). Dante Network could guarantee the security of data release and privacy based on privacy-preserving computing infrastructure, which provides security guarantee from every step in the data transmit lifecircle, like data generation, releasing, transaction and storage.


1)Token流转的安全:首先,Dante Network的Token DAT是严格符合ERC-20标准的Token合约,从规范化的层面提供了安全保障;其次,DAT mine方面是采用了非常先进的门限多签来保证操作安全;最后,DAT发布在PlatON隐私计算网络之上,具备完善的密码学安全保护基础设施;

2)数据流转的安全:流转于Dante Network的数据,将基于安全多方计算(MPC)实现数据保护,以可验证计算(VC)保证数据存储服务的真实可信,并以隐私计算为基础设施实现数据发布及交易的隐私安全,从数据的生成、发布、交易、保管等全生命周期各个环节提供安全保障。 



Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?


A4 Dante CMO——Murphy

First we’d like to say, blockchain is an open source world. Good techs and ideas are fast spread among practitioners and evolution. Dante Network is adhering this open source sprite in project development. We have some really good creations when developing this platform, which we think could become the key parts to promote the blockchain development and achieve practical application landing scenarios. Well, here comes the points, with all due respect, we don’t want to brag. But Dante Network could be regarded as the first privacy storage program on blockchain. We can ensure the data sovereignty of data owners and protect their information privacy through combining blockchain tech with homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party computation, etc..


Dante CMO——Murphy

We applied the hierarchical structure to combine on-chain and off chain frames, which ensures the system’s expansibility in the future development. Dante Network could literally realize cross-chain application in the future by decoupling consensus layer and storage layer, which is a really exciting step!


Q5 @khavulec

What kind of partnerships with different projects/ platforms/  protocols can we expect from Dante in the future? Could you give us some examples of how other projects can leverage Dante?


A5 Dante CMO——Murphy

This is a really good question. Well, at the current stage, we think the first priority is to overcome technique problems. As you all know, cryptography is REALLY DIFFICULT. Anyway, first of all, we now make some progress to collaborate with famous universities. For example, a few months ago, we made an agreement with Xiamen University, top 30 university in China, to build a Joint Laboratory of Information Security and Data Science. Together, we will work on storage transactions and verification based on Zero-Knowledge Proof, and Confidential Verification of storage tasks. This lab will also carry on research on off-chain privacy data exchange. Later, Dante group will develop the overall frame and implement all the findings into our network to achieve usability and offer private data storage.


Dante CMO——Murphy

Well, it is a great step for now, Dante Network, as an infrastructure platform that offers privacy storage, will develop our network to solve not only the demand in ToB business and ToC business. Take isolated data island as an example, this problem is always remaining among different governments infrastructure departments. Dante Network could break the barriers of different data types to push the efficient information exchange in order to keep the validity of the information, which will improve a city to evolve to a smart city. Also, it is the same when it comes to the healthcare field. Dante Network could achieve lower healthcare cost by sharing data information that belongs to different medical institutions. We will also try to develop the function  that could use AI tech to assist medical diagnosis in the future. 

In all, we are negotiating with some local government institutions, cloud based enterprises, healthcare institutions and manufacturing companies to meet with their practical demand and try to find collaboration. It is exciting for us and our users, you can follow our official channels to catch up with the latest news.




Dante Network | Dante Network&Crypto Infinity AMA Event Review


Q6 @khavulec

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?


A6 Dante CMO——Murphy

The key value of cypto is protecting privacy. As we considered, people start to aware the importance of privacy after so many data breaching scandals, like Facebook and Microsoft. we’ll try our best to awaken people’s awareness to protect privacy, like holding livestream, AMA, articles to do our best to push the development of this industry. This is always an important part. We’ll keep fulfill our contents and share our progress to everyone.


Q7 @Hammerreal

The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is Dante_Network to change quickly and keep pace with technology trends? What is your long-term vision for the forecasting industry in which the Dante_Network project operates?

加密市场是一个发展特别迅速的行业,Dante Network是否有足够的灵活性去快速适应市场技术发展呢?你们对于Dante Network项目所在的行业发展的长期愿景是怎样的呢?

A7 Dante CMO——Murphy

Cryptography technology is playing a very important role in the blockchain industry. At the same time, AI, metaverse and other applications are also accelerating with the pace of The Times. In terms of technology, we have established a joint laboratory with well-known universities in China to explore, research and project the cutting-edge technology in the field of information security and blockchain, keeping up with the pace of times. At the same time, we all know that data is the crude oil of ARTIFICIAL intelligence, and Dante is the data habitat that can safely manage the digital crude oil. In addition, the metaverse is very popular currently, as we all knew, the metaverse is a digital world, the transfer of information in the metaverse is the transfer of data, and the storage is the longest link in the whole life cycle of data transfer, so the role of Dante privacy storage, which can provide privacy protection, can be imagined.

密码学技术在区块链领域里扮演了一个非常重要的角色。同时,AI, 元宇宙和其他类似的应用都在加速发展。就技术而言,我们目前和中国高校联合建立了实验室去探索和研究在信息技术和区块链领域的前沿科技。我们深知数据是AI最核心最重要的资源,Dante Network励志于做为数据提供保障的安全栖息地。还有,目前元宇宙概念也非常流向,我们都知道,元宇宙最简单的理解就是数字世界,在原宇宙中信息的流转其实就是数据的流转,那么存储就会成为数据流转过程中最强力的链接和保障,所以你可以想象,Dante隐私存储在以后的重要性。

Q8 @Fsykingdrk23

Who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?


A8 Dante CMO——Murphy

If you agree that the digital economy is the future , then every individual, company and institution, including governments, could become our users. In addition, blockchain has brought about a revolution in the relations of production through decentralization, which is a kind of technological revolution without borders. Therefore, our future market is global.


Q9 @delboythegreat11

What do you think is the biggest problem Project will solve that no other project is solving now, and why is the problem important to solve?


A9 Dante CMO——Murphy

Date storage has always been one of the foundations in the digital era, and as you know, distributed storage is a hot area right now, with projects like Filecoin and many others trying to address the problem of data storage.  However, we found that few projects focused on the privacy protection in the storage process. In fact, this is a very important thing, and this is the original intention of our project, which is to solve the privacy protection problem in the storage process.  As we all konw,data is an important production factor, and a valuable asset in the digital economy time nowadays , and a lot of technology development and the mature application depend on large and comprehensive data, such as AI, industry, finance and other Internet, if we can’t solve the problem of data privacy protection, data owner is not willing to take out the truly valuable data for sharing,  It’s going to constrain all of these areas mentioned above, so data privacy is a very important thing, although it’s hard, but we think it has to be tackled.


Q10 @Duong_nguyens

What is your biggest challenge during the time that you build Dante Network? And what do you feel when you and your team overcome this?

你们在创建Dante Network的过程中面临的最大问题是什么?当你们克服这个问题的时候你们又有什么感受呢?

A10 Dante CMO——Murphy

The biggest challenge is, of course, the technical challenge. Private storage needs to face open storage transactions in an open environment, this needs to create a complete cryptographic technology system, providing privacy protection for data and users, and realizing data rights confirmation. it will involve secure multi-party computing related to data fragmentation encryption and verifiable computing for data storage verification, which are very challenging tech issues.


Dante CMO——Murphy

At present, some technological breakthroughs have been achieved in these areas, so at present, while we are enjoying the joy of technological breakthroughs, we are also continuing to tackle more in-depth technological problems, which can be said to be very substantial, joyful and stressful.


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