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10,250,000,000 1076,480,000 26.19%  1,211,615,979.91 49,886
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【10 days node data】

November 4 201128113
November 3 201147112
November 2 201147112
November 1 201166112
October 31 201167111
October 30 2011610108
October 29 201179108
October 28 201179108
October 27 201179108
October 26 201179108
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

Meta universe is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates blockchain and other new technologies.

On November 4, Xinhua News Agency released an article about Metaverse. In the article, Shen Yang, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, believes that Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates a variety of new technologies. Based on the extended reality technology to provide an immersive experience, and the digital twin technology to generate a mirror image of the real world, the economic system is built through blockchain technology, and the virtual world and the real world are closely integrated in the economic system, social system, and identity system. Each user conducts content production and editing.

Microsoft President: All technology giants will enter the meta universe

On November 4, Microsoft President Brad Smith (Brad Smith) said in an interview with Reuters at the European Web Summit on Wednesday: All technology giants will enter the meta-universe, and Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple may all develop The respective version. Smith believes that it is important not to let the hype obscure the long-term technological trend: I think the metaverse will be very large and very important. It must be able to protect privacy and digital security, and prevent false information and manipulation. He said: We are all talking about the meta universe, as if we are going to enter a new dimension. But this is not like the heaven we are going to go to after death. We will still live with people in the real world. He called for collaboration during the development of Metaverse to promote interoperability. According to Carbon Chain’s earlier news, Microsoft is testing the corporate meta universe and is expected to launch it in the first half of next year.

Daily View | Thursday November 04


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