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10,250,000,000 2,246,900,000 26.25% 1,216,952,018.19 60,444
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【10 days node data】

November 18201167117
November 17 201157117
November 16201157117
November 15 201147117
November 14 201147117
November 13201148116
November 12201148116
November 11 201 14 8 116
November 10201138116
November 9201128115
November 8 201137114
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【Industry News】

IMF: The necessity of cybersecurity management and the potential competition that CBDC may pose to banks

Less than a month after Nigeria’s eNaira was released on October 25, Nigeria’s Central Bank officials stated that there are currently more than 488,000 downloaders and more than 75,000 international merchants have signed up. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) listed some potential risks related to the country’s eNaira in its documents. The IMF stated that the need for network security management and the potential competition that CBDC may pose to banks. The eNaira wallet may be seen as, and even effectively act as a central bank deposit, which may reduce the demand for commercial bank deposits. The IMF also stated that the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund participated in the eNaira launch process, including reviewing product designs. In studying the launch of eNaira, the IMF listed three main benefits of CBDC. Allowing as many as 90% of Nigerians to use CBDC may reduce the cost of international remittances and make the economy more transparent.

Professor of Tsinghua University: The development of “Meta Universe” must be demand-oriented

On November 18th, CGTN interviewed Professor Shenyang from the New Media Research Center of the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University in a virtual classroom. The professor said that many companies claim to be doing Metaverse, but they are actually many products of the Internet, many of which just move by themselves. The product is not a “meta universe”. “Now that the’meta universe’ is already very hot, I want to bubble more, from solidly advancing technology, from computing power to communication technology, to algorithms, and final products. I hope that users of the age can use it and satisfy users. The term “metaverse” is the latest buzzword that captures the imagination of the technology industry, especially since Facebook renamed itself Meta last month to indicate its business transformation. To be clear, no one knows Metaverse yet. What will it look like, because the whole concept is still in its early stages. But its development must be demand-oriented. Tech giants such as Meta, Microsoft, and Nvidia have bet on Metaverse to explore the application of various products in different scenarios. But no matter what What concepts these products are based on must ultimately meet people’s needs. Products that do not meet customer needs will definitely be eliminated by the market.

Daily View | Thursday November 18


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