Interpretation | Privacy Computing-the neglected important technical basis for the construction of the metaverse

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Around 3500 BC, the Sumerians created the oldest civilization in the history of mankind on the Mesopotamian plains, which is also considered to be the earliest civilization of mankind. It meets the academic standards for the birth of civilization, including the emergence of cities, the emergence of writing, and the establishment of national systems.

At the end of the 15th century, the Italian navigator Columbus discovered the New World of America, which opened up a great era of European exploration and colonization overseas that would last for centuries. The opening of a new route enabled mankind to establish a global connection across continents and oceans for the first time; the discovery of the Americas broke the solidification and dullness of the Western world, and countless adventurers and lost people seemed to have seen the start of a new life and the realization of their dreams. In the new territory, excitement flooded into the unknown new continent with infinite possibilities and infinite hope.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Nowadays, the development of human civilization has stood at a crossroads again after 5500 years.

On the one hand, the impact of the epidemic has reduced people’s contact and collisions in the physical world. In this process, people gradually accept and integrate into the digital virtual space, and have more time for retention and interaction in the virtual space. The largest human settlement has gradually evolved from a physical city to a virtual community on the Internet, the center of world culture and influence. It also gradually shifted from the physical world to the digital world.

But on the other hand, the mobile Internet has been developing rapidly for ten years, and its growth has peaked, but it is difficult to see innovation and the industry’s ineffective competition is heavy. Giants have a monopoly, and they exercise power in the online world without restriction. There are particularly many cases of abuse of personal privacy and destruction of personal rights such as “big data killing” and “arbitrarily shutting down accounts”. There is no doubt that the longer we live and work in the online world, we cannot tolerate that any organization can violate our personal rights without rules. This is by no means the digital life we want.

In short, whether it is a three-dimensional physical world or the current two-dimensional digital world, it seems that there is no new hope for people to excite and look forward to. People’s life and work are limited to buildings, grids, and blocks of computer screens. Doing a job to maintain their living has become the goal of most people.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Facing the weak reality, we can’t help asking: What will happen to humanity in the future? Where are we going?

Liu Cixin said that there are two roads in front of human beings: one outward, leading to the stars and the sea; the other inward leading to virtual reality.

Exploring outer space is too difficult. After all, it is just a competitive game between great powers and people at the top of the pyramid like Musk. Therefore, most technology companies and investors have used their capital and actions to prove that the future they see is more towards ” “Inner” ,it means to create a virtual world that is parallel to and fused with the physical world. This world is called the ” metaverse “.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

After Facebook acquired the virtual reality company Oculus for US$2 billion, it has invested 20% of its manpower in the AR/VR business and announced that it will be renamed as a ” metaverse ” company. It plans to hire 10,000 employees in the EU to build a metauniverse. Tencent applied for the registration of trademarks such as “King Yuan Universe” and “Sky Dollar Universe”, and deployed “Meta Universe” through internal incubation + external investment in the entire industry chain. Epic Games, a top game development company, has received $1 billion in financing to develop the metaverse industry.

Metaverse has already placed high hopes on the next-generation Internet. A large number of technology companies are vying to hold high the banner of ” metaverse ” and make advance arrangements in the field of metaverse to accelerate the opening of the door to the virtual world of “meta-universe.”

What is Metaverse?

In fact, “Metaverse” is not a new term. This concept first appeared in Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992. The novel depicts a virtual digital world parallel to the real world. With all forms of the real world, each user who accesses Metaverse can have his own virtual avatar. All people and things in the real world are digitally projected into this cloud world, and you can do anything you can do in the real world in this world. If you have watched the movie “Ready Player One”, you may have a general understanding of the metaverse . The oasis in “Ready Player One” can be considered one of the final forms of the metaverse .

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Why is this concept proposed thirty years ago attracting global attention now, and why is 2021 generally regarded as the first year of the metaverse? I personally think that the main reason is that the new crown epidemic has accelerated the virtualization of human society. In this era of technological explosion, any kind of inducement similar to the new crown that can touch the bottom of the society can make the world upside down.

Roblox was the first company to include Metaverse in its prospectus. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on March 10 this year, and its market value directly exceeded US$40 billion. The attention of the scientific and technological circles, the capital circles, the cultural circles and even the state institutions has led human civilization to a new era-the era of metaverse.

The key features and technical basis of the meta universe

According to the characteristics of its own platform, Roblox lists the eight key features of the platform leading to the metaverse: Identity, Friend, Immersive, Low Friction, Variety, Anywhere, Economy, Civility.

Interpretation | Privacy Computing-the neglected important technical basis for the construction of the metaverse

Thinking about it carefully, in fact, the eight attributes Roblox defines for the meta-universe are very vague, because at present, the metaverse is still in an early stage of development, and no one has been able to accurately define the meta-universe in the chaotic period. Clearly describe an advanced future world represented by the metaverse.

However, all sectors of society have some basic consensus on the meta-universe. For example, the meta-universe is a combination of virtual and real Internet applications and social forms generated by the integration of a variety of new technologies. It is a virtual digital space independent of the physical space of reality; the meta-universe is based on Extend reality technology to provide an immersive experience, based on digital twin technology to generate a mirror image of the real world, and based on blockchain technology to build an independent economic system and governance rules. Metaverse closely integrates the virtual world and the real world in the economic system, social system, and identity system, and allows each user to carry out content production and world editing, with unlimited possibilities.

Summarizing the technologies involved in the above “meta universe” can be summed up with BIGANT (big ant): B refers to Blockchain, including encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, decentralized storage, etc.; I refers to Interactivity, including XR, Holographic images, human-computer interaction, etc.; G refers to Game, including game engines, 3D modeling, real-time rendering, etc.; A refers to AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, AI agents, etc.; N (Network, including 5G/6G networks, Cloud computing, edge computing, etc.; T refers to Internet of Things, including various sensor technologies.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

It is not difficult for us to find that the technical basis for the construction of the meta-universe includes almost all digital technologies, and these technologies have already taken shape, just as most of the technologies supporting the Internet have appeared decades ago, and we have already passed. The stage from 0 to 1. So there is no doubt that we will eventually be able to build a virtual world that is comparable to the real world in terms of five senses.

But is this immersive virtual world a meta-universe? Will the breakthrough development of XR, AI, and game engines enable the rise of the metaverse?

To answer this question, we have to return to the topic of the evolution of human social civilization.

The key force that promotes the formation of the meta-universe

The way human society progresses and evolves is to replace the old world with a new world, because there will always be some people who are dissatisfied with the status quo, especially when there is invalid competition in the old world, more people will be dissatisfied with the status quo and gradually arise. The thought and impulse to change.

They pin their hopes in the new world and are willing to take risks to break the old world (such as the change of dynasties), or to explore a new world (such as the Great Navigation Era), or to recreate a world (such as the meta-universe) through innovative means. Hope and adventure are precisely the driving force that drives human beings to move forward, as well as the driving force for the formation and development of the new world.

Beginning in 1820, countless European immigrants, carrying their own dreams, traveled across the oceans to this ideal land in North America, looking for new homes and living spaces, and this opened the curtain of a century of immigrants in the United States. The huge wave of immigration has brought a wealth of cultural heritage to the United States, and it has also provided a steady stream of impetus to the development of the United States, and ultimately pushed the United States to become stronger.

Similarly, as a virtual digital space independent of the physical space of reality, if the adventurers and the lost in the real world can see the hope of starting a new life and realizing their dreams of life, the meta-universe will surely flock to them as digital substitutes ( The way of Avatar) excitement into the unknown world with infinite possibilities and infinite hope, this is the sign of the substantial rise of the meta-universe.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Therefore, although the main body of the meta-universe construction belongs to the enterprise or organization, the most important component in the meta-universe is still the digital life born from the mapping of human individuals in the digital world, and the existence and connection of these personalized digital lives in the meta-universe. Way; how do they survive and live in the virtual world, how to protect their rights, this is a question that all meta-universe builders must seriously think about, only the virtual world built with individual users as the core is the meta-universe, otherwise At best, it’s just a larger and more immersive online game.

The basis of the existence of the meta-universe

As mentioned above, the meta-universe entered by individual users is a complete virtual space society that is close to reality to the greatest extent, and social production and life such as socialization, entertainment, creation, education, and trading can be carried out in this space. Metaverse not only provides a platform for carrying virtual activities at the functional level, but also has an independent social form, economic system and governance mechanism. It must exist as a virtual civil society.

The father of “liberalism”, the famous British enlightenment thinker John Locke came up with the idea of human rights in his representative work “On Government”. He believed that civil society was created for the protection of property rights. Locke defines an individual’s “property” to represent what a person owns, including the right to “life, freedom, and property”. This theory also points out the core issue of the existence and development of the metaverse as a virtual civil society.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

In the real world, people’s production and life, personal rights and labor results can be guaranteed. Then the labor creation, production, transaction and other behaviors in the meta-universe should actually be completely consistent with the real world. Therefore, the basic underlying logic that has been accustomed to the real civil society-the establishment and protection of personal rights, the meta-universe must also be a virtual society. It is completely copied, that is, the one-to-one personal property rights owned by individual users in Metaverse through digital avatar must also be established and protected.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

First of all, an individual’s digital double in the metaverse has a unique and long-term unchanging digital identity that cannot be arbitrarily deprived of, and can use this identity to accumulate experience, experience, relationships and wealth in the metaverse. This digital identity has nothing to do with our true identity in the real world, nor is it endorsed by a certain authority. It is an individual’s choice and definition in the meta-universe based on his own values, taste, personality and other factors. , In terms of form of expression, it may be a user ID plus an avatar.

Secondly, every human individual living in the meta-universe can turn the “virtual materials” obtained through hard work into their own digital property in the true sense. For example, players in the movie “Number One Player” can use the game To obtain gold coins and equipment, the advanced player Aiqi can also use specific tools and resources to customize the steel giant for other players in the oasis to obtain assets and so on. If the virtual materials and digital assets owned by individuals in Metaverse cannot be widely confirmed and protected, and there is no right to freely dispose of assets, although the digital doubles in the virtual space will not be starved to death, human activities in them will lose meaning. Equivalent to destruction.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Therefore, as a civil society, the meta-universe has the same purpose as the real world. It is based on the protection of personal private property. Therefore, the meta-universe must establish a set of underlying currency system and value system, which can fully guarantee the ownership of personal digital assets. And value, personal digital identity accumulated in the meta-universe experience, social relations and digital property can be widely recognized and protected in the meta-universe, which is a prerequisite for attracting people to be willing to establish identity, immersion and evolution here, but also The underlying logic that the meta universe can truly be established and survived.

Mencius’s expression in this regard is more incisive: the people are the way, and those who have permanent property have perseverance, and those who do not have permanent property have no perseverance.

How to protect the personal property rights of Meta Universe?

Undoubtedly, all the personal information that humans live in the virtual space of the metaverse exists in digital form, that is, the carrier of individual users has changed from carbon-based molecules to silicon-based data, and the user’s individual information data is also personal in nature. An important part of rights.

In the centralized game virtual space created by traditional game companies, the virtual property of individuals has not yet truly belonged to individuals, and game companies even have absolute rights to dispose of the virtual property of users. Just like the movie “Out of Control Players”, game companies can delete user IDs at will, and destroy server data to clear all users’ digital assets. This centralized virtual world violates the basics of others on the premise of being completely independent of reality. The act of rights is usually unrestricted.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

But the decentralized meta-universe is completely different. It connects the physical world and the virtual world. NFT (non-homogeneous tokens) can mark digital goods as privately owned. Internet giants cannot think that they have ownership and control over the accounts of their users and the content created by users through “labor”, let alone block and delete a user’s account if it is deleted. We cannot tolerate that digital assets obtained through legitimate means such as labor, purchase, and exchange in the virtual world are robbed or destroyed, nor can we accept that our actions are constantly monitored (infringement of privacy). If this state of having Internet platform power but no individual user rights continues in Metaverse, then Metaverse cannot be established, let alone any development.

Therefore, if Metaverse is to survive and develop, the property rights of individuals in virtual space must also be established and protected. Metaverse must carry everyone’s social identity and asset rights in a credible manner. This credible method must first The most basic requirement that can be achieved is the protection of personal privacy data.

If there is no protection mechanism and technical means for user privacy data, all user data of Metaverse can be easily grasped and controlled by other third parties, and even used for commercial purposes. If the user’s ownership of “identity, freedom, and property” in Metaverse cannot be discussed, let alone effective protection.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Privacy data protection has always been one of the most concerned issues in the real world, and has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. The Internet we use today involves a lot of data and privacy protection issues, not to mention the meta universe.

The future meta-universe is not just a few pictures, a few videos, or a few games now, it is a huge collection of data. As a virtual space that transcends reality, in order to provide users with a better immersive experience, the amount and richness of personal data it collects will be unprecedented. Mass collection of information such as social relationships, property resources, scenes and even emotional states and brain wave patterns, and fine-grained mining and real-time synchronization. The constantly updated and rapidly increasing private data of individuals will be an important underlying resource and production factor supporting the continuous operation of the meta-universe.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Then, how to collect, store and manage these private data resources; how to realize the right confirmation and authorization to compliant applications; how to avoid being stolen or abused, etc., should be focused and reasonable in the construction of metaverse. Solutions and well-established mechanisms to prevent the leakage of personal data.

In recent years, negative incidents about user privacy leaks and illegal use of personal data have frequently appeared on hot searches, and the public has paid more and more attention to personal data security and privacy protection.

Research institutions Centre for International Governance Innovation and Ipsos found in a questionnaire (see figure below) that about 57% of global consumers expressed that they are extremely (31%) or very (26%) worried about the privacy of the Internet. The survey interviewed more than 24,000 Internet users between the ages of 16-64 in 24 countries. In fact, at least half of Internet users in every region expressed their concerns about privacy.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础
Source: Centre for International Governance Innovation and Ipsos research report

Therefore, when Facebook announced that it would enter the field of Metaverse, users’ concerns about its privacy protection might not be inferior to that of the “Snowden Incident” of that year. It can be seen that on the rapid development of Metaverse, how to improve the security of data privacy and reduce the public Concerns about data security and privacy are the first issues to be solved.

Privacy computing

Relying on data to generate value is the basic business model of traditional Internet giants, and the premise of these is the collection of user information. Most users do not know the situation, the local data is collected by various applications and transmitted to the cloud, and processed and mined in the cloud, thereby generating commercial value. However, the owner of the data has no authorization in the whole process, let alone get the corresponding return from the commercial value it creates.

As a super-large data collection, Metaverse not only needs to protect the privacy of user data, but also needs to consider mining and reflecting the value of users’ data. For example, Metaverse’s artificial intelligence must use a large amount of user data for training in order to continuously evolve and provide users with Better experience. But “realizing the value of user data” and “ensure user data security” are inherently contradictory and contradictory. To put it bluntly, it is actually a dispute over the right to use and ownership of data.

So is there a technology that can separate data usage rights and ownership, while protecting user data privacy, without affecting the compliance of various Internet applications, and solving data service issues such as data circulation and data mining?

“Privacy computing” was born to solve this problem. Especially in recent years, it has developed rapidly and is becoming a key technology to “solve the contradiction between data circulation, use and data security.”

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

The accepted definition of privacy computing is a computing theory and method for the full life cycle protection of private information. It is a computable model for privacy measurement, privacy leakage cost, privacy protection and privacy analysis complexity when the ownership, management and use rights of private information are separated And axiomatic system. Simply put, it is a technology that can protect personal privacy and can do some calculations, learning, and modeling. The underlying logic is to allow data or calculation methods to be “encrypted” and not leaked to other partners to perform calculation cooperation.

Privacy computing allows users to keep their data locally, participate in the calculation in an encrypted state, and output the calculation results and upload them to the cloud for the computing initiator; the entire process of data is not disclosed in plaintext, and data privacy has been fundamental Protection; At the same time, the value created by data can be measured through a reasonable mechanism, allowing data owners to get a reasonable return from it.

At present, the core technologies of private computing mainly include three mainstream technical routes: federated learning, trusted execution environment, and multi-party secure computing.

At present, the Federal Learning (FL) business model is relatively mature. This technology was first proposed by Google in 2016. It is essentially a distributed machine learning technology or machine learning framework. Participants do not need to upload raw data. The local execution of calculations by users is of great significance for machine learning modeling and breaking data islands.

Multiparty Secure Computing (MPC) was first formally proposed by Yao Qizhi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 1982. It is a technology and system for securely computing agreed functions without the participants sharing their own data and without a trusted third party. Through secure algorithms and protocols, participants encrypt or transform data in plaintext form and then provide it to other parties. No participant can access the data in plaintext form of other parties. This solves the problem that mutually distrustful participants can collaborate. The problem of calculating a given value can not only ensure the correct result, but also ensure that the participants have absolute control over the data.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is to establish a safe and isolated execution environment through the software and hardware isolation security mechanism, thereby preventing external attackers from stealing the data running inside the TEE. This is like TEE provides a “safe box” for data, in which data can be made available but not visible, and large-scale data sharing calculations can be completed while protecting data security and privacy.

Regardless of the technical route of privacy computing, its goal is to achieve: “Data is available invisible, usable is not desirable, not sharing data, but sharing the value of data”, this is also the core concept of privacy computing.

In addition, the combination of blockchain and privacy computing can also achieve data security, compliance, and reasonable and effective use on the basis of ensuring data credibility, and promote data sharing and value exchange. Therefore, there is a consensus in the industry: privacy computing is not a single technology, it is a set of interdisciplinary technology systems that include artificial intelligence, cryptography, data science and other fields.

Private Computing and Metaverse

During the construction of Metaverse, the use of private computing to protect user data assets and related rights actually solved two problems:

The first thing to solve is the problem of user privacy in Metaverse, that is, the original data related to the user will not be leaked, and the user’s privacy will not be exposed; secondly, after the user’s data privacy is protected, in order to obtain data value and a better virtual space Experience, you need to use the data (such as training artificial intelligence). At this time, you need to use various methods to ensure that the data is not leaked during the entire life cycle of being used. This can be regarded as a full range of data privacy protection.

Under this logic, the role of privacy computing in the meta-universe is no longer an alternative method, but the only way for the development of the meta-universe. In other words, blockchain and privacy computing are the most indispensable part of the meta-universe technology foundation, and should even precede the expression of technology.

Regrettably, those large-scale technology companies that followed the trend and made diversified investments in the early stage of the meta-universe construction did not have enough awareness or attention to “privacy computing is one of the most critical technologies for the construction of the meta-universe foundation”, intentionally or unintentionally. The neglect of advance deployment in areas such as network security, privacy computing, and blockchain. The fundamental reason is that these companies have not really understood: the biggest difference between the traditional Internet and Metaverse lies in the establishment of a user-centered basic paradigm and the clear ownership of user rights; therefore, they have not yet realized that Metaverse is a huge amount of data. Super aggregates actually need more complete privacy calculations to realize that privacy data such as the correspondence between the user’s identity in the metaverse and the identity of the physical world are in a state of privacy protection, thereby ensuring that the rights of individuals in the metaverse will not be infringed.

Even the giants led by technology companies such as Tencent and Facebook are more inclined to start with the game ecology and hardware technology to build the meta-universe model. It is difficult to see the figure of privacy computing in the layout of the meta-universe.

Fortunately, the encryption industry and the Internet industry have completely different entrances and models for creating metauniverse. A few technology manufacturers that combine blockchain and private computing, represented by PlatON, have realized that privacy computing is the key to the survival and development of metauniverse. They believe that the key to Web2.0’s leap to an intelligent network like Metaverse is still the protection of data privacy, and data ownership must truly return to individuals.

PlatON released a 2.0 white paper before, expounding the long-term mission and goals of the project party. The goal of the first phase is to establish a decentralized data sharing and privacy computing basic network to connect data owners, data users, algorithm developers, and computing power providers.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

The privacy computing network built on the blockchain can ensure data security, compliance, and reasonable and effective use on the basis of ensuring the credibility of the data, which mainly reflects these three aspects: First, the blockchain can guarantee the privacy of the computing task data terminal End-to-end privacy; at the same time, blockchain can ensure the security of the entire life cycle of data in private computing; in addition, blockchain can also ensure the traceability of the privacy computing process.

At present, some pioneers in the blockchain have embarked on the entrepreneurial path of protecting the private data of Metaverse users. Regardless of the technical route used, they may become the “special route” in Metaverse in the future.

Artificial Intelligence AI and Metaverse

As the ultimate product of almost all digital technologies, the basic point for the realization of the meta-universe concept is the highly developed digital interactive technology and artificial intelligence technology. The concept of Metaverse was reintroduced this year. Another important reason is that the rapid development of virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence has made it possible for Metaverse to be implemented. At the same time, because Metaverse requires a large amount of artificial intelligence technology to realize the foundation. The interaction and management of artificial intelligence also provides a broader development space and technical dimension for artificial intelligence.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

The meta-universe is a virtual world dominated by native virtual objects and virtual creatures (such as virtual human NPC). Any object and object relying on AI technology should have the ability to make intelligent decisions. In the meta-universe, people’s digital doubles can interact with any item, which can not only meet the efficiency-oriented needs, but also meet the entertainment-oriented needs. The way people feel immersed in the meta-universe is not the impact on the image level at the beginning, but more through logical interaction, feeling that the creatures in the virtual world are all “living” native species and can interact with them in depth. , And participate in the construction and development of the meta universe.

With the gradual development and growth of Metaverse, users’ demands for consumption and interaction of digital content continue to increase. Without the assistance of AI, these needs can hardly be met efficiently.

First of all, in terms of content production, AI automatically generates a large amount of non-repetitive content for the metaverse, greatly reducing the cycle and manpower for constructing the metaverse, and realizing the spontaneous growth of the metaverse. Secondly, in terms of content presentation, the AI-driven digital virtual human NPC presents the content of the meta universe to users in an organized manner. We call this “artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC)”.

The so-called artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) is to use algorithms to train AI, so that AI has the ability to break away from screenwriters and planning, and provide real-time feedback on player behavior, thereby achieving endless plot branches and saving a lot of development costs; in this way, Yuan The virtual characters in the universe can jump out of the pre-set mode of the game NPC, just like the reaction of the male protagonist GUY in “Out of Control Player” after awakening. There is no fixed mode, and it becomes more humane, which can be made according to the player’s feedback. Different reactions form a truly completely free and completely immersed meta-universe.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

Therefore, the meta-universe is a self-evolving world like the real world. It does not operate according to certain pre-set procedures or artificially set fixed rules. Each participant, including NPC, will promote its evolution and development to varying degrees. growing up. As the infrastructure that promotes the continuous evolution of the metaverse, artificial intelligence plays a decisive role in the final form and integration of the metaverse.

In order to achieve maximum freedom in the meta-universe, AI technology needs to develop from traditional decision trees and state machines to more advanced deep learning and reinforcement learning, so as to create a randomly generated and never repeated game experience, and get rid of artificial scripting. Restrictions allow players to explore and create freely.

However, the development of AI technology cannot be accomplished overnight. This requires a large amount of long-term investment and accumulation. Artificial intelligence models require massive, high-quality data for continuous training and optimization. But the reality is: on the one hand, data privacy and supervision hinder the effective sharing of data; on the other hand, cloud computing and a large number of high-quality data resources are monopolized by a few technology giants, which intensifies the training costs of artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized innovative enterprises. For many companies that want to get on the express train of Metaverse, the massive amount of data and computing power used to train AI has become the biggest obstacle to their development of AI cutting-edge technology.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

PlatON 2.0 was born to change this situation. According to the plan of the 2.0 white paper, AI developers can connect to PlatON’s decentralized privacy computing network through the privacy computing protocol, and obtain the required resources (data, Algorithms and computing power), used to train AI models and publish them on the network, interact with other AI services or agents, and gradually form a self-organizing and collaborative artificial intelligence network.

This means that any innovative enterprise or individual of Metaverse can obtain AI technology or become a stakeholder in the development of AI technology on PlatON’s private computing network, and finally move towards the direction of “artificial intelligence democratization”.

As described in the PlatON 2.0 white paper: “The democratization of artificial intelligence means that more people can conduct artificial intelligence research or build artificial intelligence-driven products and services. Democratization is to reduce the barriers to entry in terms of resources and knowledge. This include:

  • Hold the right to use powerful artificial intelligence models.
  • Hold the right to use algorithms and models, and does not require advanced mathematics and computational science skills.
  • Hold the right to use the computing resources required by the algorithms and models.

To this end, the PlatON team plans to build a decentralized artificial intelligence market based on a private computing network in the second phase, to achieve “the co-construction and sharing of AI assets and agile intelligent application development, providing AI computing power, algorithms, and AI capabilities. Its full-process products and services of production, deployment, and integration.

Interpretation | Privacy Computing-the neglected important technical basis for the construction of the metaverse

It is not difficult to see that the privacy protection computing network and decentralized artificial intelligence market planned and constructed in PlatON 2.0 are based on voluntary, fair and credible market transaction rules, and provide sufficient data, models and models for AI developers to train artificial intelligence. Computational ability, realize joint modeling, and improve the effect of AI model.

Compared with other blockchain projects that develop privacy computing, PlatON focuses more on the privacy training of AI models and the construction of AI agents, as well as the interoperability of AI agents, while also supporting more complex machine learning privacy calculations. From this perspective, PlatON is more in line with the needs of Metaverse AI builders and developers. Through PlatON’s decentralized private computing network and open source software tools, any Metaverse entrepreneur can create better artificial intelligence and let AI Technology better serves the massive users of Metaverse, including the native virtual creatures of Metaverse.

The end

In 1969, the U.S. military connected the four main computers of the University of California, Los Angeles, Stanford University Research School, University of California, and the University of Utah under an agreement established by ARPA. Since then, the Internet was born. The emergence of the Internet will bring earth-shaking changes to human life styles.

The traditional Internet from WEB1.0 to WEB2.0, and then to the mobile Internet has experienced decades of rapid development and dividend period. Until today, it has encountered an unprecedented bottleneck, and the Internet industry has become a platform of ineffective competition. We cannot help asking: Has the Internet reached its end? Is there still room for imagination? Where is the new breakthrough?

After ““COVID-19”, the way people live is slowly changing. Many people spend more and more time in the virtual world. The boundary between the physical world and the virtual world is gradually blurred. We have to rethink: who we are and want What are you doing and what will happen in the future.

At this time, the meta-universe appeared, and it can not only meet the material development of mankind, but also meet the spiritual needs of mankind. Metaverse gives people a whole new opportunity, allowing them to redefine themselves, acquire a new identity, and build a social relationship that has nothing to do with the real world.

解读 | 隐私计算-被忽视的构建元宇宙的重要技术基础

However, just as at the beginning of the Internet, no one can clarify how much change the metaverse will bring to human society. We only know that this may be a brand new development opportunity that every member of us can fairly obtain. , This is a great nautical era in which we are in it and can be compared to the great geographic discovery. Billions of people will be truly connected and our lives will be completely changed.

观点 | 我们凭什么敢说LAT会达到千亿市值

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