How Legalizing Stablecoins Boosts Web3 Cross-Border Payments: PlatON’s Innovative Approach

The Central Bank of Russia’s proposal to legalize stablecoins for international transactions could significantly enhance Web3 cross-border payments. PlatON, in collaboration with DCS, leverages privacy computing and blockchain technology to provide efficient and secure solutions. TOPOS system addresses challenges in crypto asset management and reduces transaction costs and time. The introduction of PayPal’s PYUSD further stabilizes the market and fosters trust in Web3 payments, marking a new era in global digital transactions.

How Legalizing Stablecoins Boosts Web3 Cross-Border Payments: PlatON's Innovative Approach


According to Izvestia, the Central Bank of Russia proposed legalizing stablecoins for international transactions to simplify cross-border payments for Russian companies. This move could significantly impact Web3 payment development, driving the global payment system towards greater efficiency, transparency, and security. This article explores the potential implications of the Russian Central Bank’s proposal and introduces the innovative practices of Web3 cross-border payments through PlatON and TOPOS.

Web3 Payments: Challenges and Opportunities

Web3 payments achieve decentralization, efficiency, security, and transparency through blockchain technology but face challenges:

  1. Legal and Regulatory Barriers: Differences in laws and regulations across countries lead to high compliance costs and complex processes.
  2. Volatility Risk: The high price volatility of cryptocurrencies affects payment stability.
  3. Market Acceptance: Web3 payment technology is still in the development stage, and market acceptance needs to improve.

Russian Central Bank Proposal: A Catalyst for Web3 Payments

The Russian Central Bank’s proposal to legalize stablecoins presents new opportunities for Web3 payments:

  1. Reducing Cross-Border Payment Costs: Legalizing stablecoins will reduce intermediaries, lower transaction fees, and improve payment efficiency.
  2. Improving Payment Efficiency: Stablecoins can achieve real-time settlement, shortening transaction times.
  3. Enhancing Market Trust: Using legalized stablecoins will reduce volatility risk, enhancing user and market trust in Web3 payments.
  4. Promoting Technological Innovation: The application of stablecoins will drive more Web3 payment technology innovations and developments.

PlatON and DCS Collaboration: Innovative Practice in Web3 Cross-Border Payments

PlatON and DCS collaborate to launch efficient and secure Web3 cross-border payment solutions using privacy computing and blockchain technology:

  1. Technology Integration: PlatON provides its robust privacy computing and blockchain technology, while DCS leverages its experience in traditional finance and digital currency payments to jointly develop and deploy cross-border payment systems. This integration achieves transparency and security in the payment process, ensuring the validity and privacy of each transaction.
  2. Standard Setting: PlatON and DCS jointly establish technical standards and operating norms for cross-border payments, ensuring system compatibility and interoperability. These standards enhance the stability and reliability of the payment system and promote the standardized development of the entire industry.
  3. Market Promotion: Through joint market promotion activities, PlatON and DCS promote this solution globally, attracting more businesses and users. These promotions enhance the brand recognition of PlatON and DCS and accelerate the adoption of Web3 payment technology worldwide.
  4. Privacy Computing and Blockchain Technology: Using PlatON’s privacy computing and blockchain technology ensures transparency and security in the payment process. For example, the TOPOS ZKPAY system uses zero-knowledge proof technology to ensure that users’ sensitive information is not disclosed during payment transactions while guaranteeing the authenticity and security of the transactions.

Specific Cases

  1. Through TOPOS payment clearing system, GameFi users successfully convert crypto assets into stablecoins and fiat currency. This solution enables GameFi users to manage their crypto assets seamlessly and obtain assets legally and compliantly by providing local bank card numbers, solving the challenges of crypto asset management and wallet address generation.
  2. Web3 payments significantly reduce cross-border payment fees and shorten settlement times. For example, traditional cross-border payments typically take several days to complete settlement, while using Web3 payments can be done within minutes. This not only improves the user experience but also reduces uncertainties in the transaction process.
  3. PayPal-issued stablecoin PYUSD reduces transaction volatility risk. PYUSD allows users and merchants to enjoy stability similar to fiat currencies during payments, avoiding the high volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies. This stability increases market trust in Web3 payments and promotes the development of the global Web3 payment industry.

TOPOS Features

  1. Tokenized Deposit Issuance (MINT): Provides a secure digital asset issuance platform, supporting the issuance and management of various asset types, including stablecoins and corporate bonds. It ensures transparency and security through smart contracts.
  2. Cross-border Remittance (RemiNet): A fast, low-cost cross-border payment network that solves the high cost and inefficiency of traditional cross-border payments. It supports multiple currencies and integrates smart contracts to ensure the security and reliability of the payment process.
  3. On-Chain Payment Acquiring: Provides a full-chain payment acquiring solution, supporting various payment methods and channels, simplifying payment processes, and ensuring transparency and security.


The Russian Central Bank’s proposal to legalize stablecoins marks an important step in the development of Web3 payments. By reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing market trust, legalizing stablecoins will bring new opportunities and challenges to Web3 payments. The successful collaboration between PlatON and DCS demonstrates the significant potential of Web3 payments in cross-border transactions, heralding a new era of more efficient, secure, and convenient cross-border payments.


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