Activity | Delegate 100 LAT Getting 100% Benefits

PlatONWorld-M6 1164

The activity content:In order to appreciate the community partners for their supports for  the node of PlatONWorld, we specially carry out this community feedback activities on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival,before National Day.Giving 100% of the node revenue of the PlatON within 15 days to the entrusted users.

Time: September 18 – October 2, 2021 (UTC + 8)

Reward object:The entrusted node users of PlatONWorld (PlatON Network only)


  1. Validator Name: PlatoNWorld.(PlatoN Network)
  2. The number of feedback: During the event, 100%of node evenue will be evenly distributed.
  3. The frequency of feedback: Setting up 5 cycles for feed back during the event, 3 days as a cycle(totally 15 days).
  4. The standard of feed back: The net increase of the dele gated address is ≥100LAT(excluding Delegated income then you get the feedback rights.
  5. Feedback list statistics: Snapshots and data comparisons are performed on all the Delegated addresses and the number of at commissions of the nodes in each cycle.

Note: If a new user has no Delegated address for the snapshot at the beginning of the cycle,but at the end of the Delegated address snapshot LAT number 2 100 LAT tokens it is still deemed to meet the feed back requirement.


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