PlatON ecological theory | “Ecological” battlefield, where to go?

The activity started at 19:00 pm on May 31th, it was initiated by the preparatory group and ecological group of Platon community. We invited Platon Cross, PlatonCube, PlatonWorld, Itokenpool and Chain-Teahouse, who are committed to participating in and deepening the ecological construction of PlatON, as guests of this activity to discuss the topic of ecological development of Planon with the community.

Each ecological member expressed their own views on the topic of “ecology”. This article will sort out personal views.

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

The activity started at 19:00 pm on May 31th, it was initiated by the preparatory group and ecological group of Platon community. We invited Platon Cross, PlatonCube, PlatonWorld, Itokenpool and Chain-Teahouse, who are committed to participating in and deepening the ecological construction of PlatON, as guests of this activity to discuss the topic of ecological development of Planon with the community.

Jie said: In fact, in the market of 2017, the Public Chain-project was the racetrack pursued by kinds of investors . At that time, all Public Chain-projects at home and abroad were in full bloom, all Public Chain-projects claimed their own TPS with high efficiency.But the final result is that in 2018-2020, the Public Chain returned to zero. In the end, none of these high TPS Public Chain-projects won the “negative example” Ethereum .What do you think of this period of history?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

It has to be said that this problem is really profound. From the user’s perspective, high TPS represents transcendence. From the project’s point of view, that period also confirmed this view in the atmosphere! Is it for business or to change the world? Maybe we will get the answer in the future.

Therefore,in my understanding, the “public chain battle” is a prosperous industry, but Ethereum is steadily rising and invincible. Let me talk about the point that I think it makes sense on this issue.

What kind of strength does the “negative example” Ethereum possess?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

Firstly, Ethereum has an advantage of first mover and brand , which has no the advantage in the second generation blockchain except BTC.

Ethereum white paper was released in September 2013, and the crowdfunding plan began in July 2014. In just half a year, Ethereum has entered the public view though utility tokens (Functional tokens).For the early blockchain, it’s pure! Ethereum’s brand building has gradually taken shape from V-god to landing in various countries and visiting China. Meetings, speeches, sharing Ethereum’s blueprint with blockchain enthusiasts. A 19-year-old young man just wants to do a good job with pure thought, without unnecessary impurities.

Secondly,Ethereum is the first Public Chain to achieve Turing’s completeness.

In fact, those Public Chain-projects in 2017 do not have many reasons to pry the capital and market except for their higher performance in TPS. Everyone is following or following Ethereum. So the rest of the public chain projects are naturally followers

Thirdly, the ecology of Ethereum.

Acccording to the Ethereum has an advantage of first mover and brand,Regardless of the scale of the community or the resources of the development team, all kinds of capital are involved in different ways. Ethereum’secology has built a high industry barrier. In the process, the constantly verified security and stability once again help the industry barriers and form a benchmark.

Conclusion: because the time and history are the longest, the stability has also been tested, and there is also a flag of V-God. The accumulation of these elements has successfully attracted many traditional institutions to participate in the blockchain, and they are more daring and trust Ethereum.

Looking back on the past, projects like EOS. Although BM has high level in technologic area , it has successfully launched many projects. But for a long time, his morality and persistence have been criticized by the community, making everyone unable to believe him. In addition, Tron is famous for its impression of “cutting leeks”. Community lovers love and hate him at the same time. But in the end, it’s hard for these projects to be approved by Old Money

Jie said: Thanks for everyone’s wonderful speeches. Through the speech, we can find that the public chain dispute has moved from the “TPS” dispute in the first half to the “ecology” dispute in the second half. What’s your opinion on this phenomenon?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

Here, I would like to make a definition of ecology. What is the difference between the ecology understood by the public and the real ecology?

From the user’s perspective, ecology means that multiple applications run on this public chain. This view is to understand “ecology” in a narrow way.Many applications are just a result, which does not represent the integrity of ecology. For example, the emergence of harmony OS can run Android programs smoothly in some ways, and a wealth of applications are coming. Talking about compatibility, try to say it belongs to your own,you will get a bit flustered. But say no, but it works. Is the technology industry chain, supply chain, resources, capital operation, developers and so on behind the application from Harmony OS? Not really!

With this problem in mind, I would like to define the public chain “ecology” debate in the blockchain industry and what “ecology” is.

It should be an ecosystem, a systematic comprehensive ability of a public chain project, which includes the technical level, brand strategy, resource integration, capital operation, construction of developer community, sustainable development and so on. After the combination, reorganization and innovation of these key points, it reflects the ecological diversity and the real significance of a project. All kinds of applications on the public chain are only those parts that are most easy for ordinary users to see, and those parts that users can’t see are the cornerstone of the real ecosystem.

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?
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No one has ever thought that Nokia’s Symbian system is booming, with Android and IOS running out. Nokia’s smartphone operating system is completely out of business. Although it has a forward-looking smartphone operating system such as MeeGo, but it went to the end because of the power behind it. However, you never expected that Nokia is now one of Huawei’s biggest competitors in the field of communication equipment manufacturing. What makes such a big change? Of course, it is the energy given by ecology that enables the project to go further in certain fields.

Therefore, the “ecology” dispute in the second half is inevitable. However, there are several public chain projects that can realize the definition of ecology. There are several public chain projects that have the ability to revitalize the key points I mentioned above.

I do believe Platon has such ability! Let us expect.

Jie said: Now, in the eyes of the public, Ethereum has become a strong ecological public chain, while Polkadot has shown a very good market performance in 2020. The new generation of public chains such as dfinity, near, avalanche, Solana, etc. have been calling for support for ecological projects. In the face of the current situation of ecological melee, How to let PlatON stands out?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

Ecological construction is a long-term and must be done thing. In the process, we will see countless highlights. But it is not the “narrow” ecological logic defined above, but a little bit of accumulation with the broader “ecosystem” I just defined.

I’m not sure how other projects will support ecological projects, but from my understanding. The original intention of the project will be to give more resources to the ecology. That process is consistent, while PlatON has a more pure playing style and original intention.

I defined the pure playing“ Three aspects of Ecology: brand building, frequent meetings and training. It inherits the power of “three aspects of the coin circle”, expands in the face of a wider range of higher-end resources, and builds ecology from a lower level.

In short, other projects are doing “three aspects of coin circle”, we must also do it! Pull group, airdrop, AMA. Because everyone is doing it, if you don’t do it, you will lose the user’s attention. Combining the “three aspects of coin circle”, strengthening the “three aspects of ecology” of buff, building brands, running meetings frequently and conducting training will be the energy source of the next relay race.

  • Building a brand: is to establish a brand image different from other project parties, a more high-end brand concept, a more farsighted brand vision and values.
  • Organizing meetings frequently: including organizing meetings and participating in meetings, we need to make use of various occasions to continuously output our brand values, keep in touch with all kinds of ecological partners and target audiences, let them understand our advantages, capabilities and vision again and again, and inspire them to join the ecological industry.
  • Training: we will build a training system for different groups of people, especially global blockchain developers, traditional software developers, system integrators, and so on, in terms of the technical concepts, technical achievements, application methods, and business logic of our privacy computing, so as to continuously cultivate all kinds of talents for the ecology. Although it may not have much effect in the short term, long-term continuous investment will obtain a more stable ecosystem foundation.

Digression: how many fans of platON are the APP users?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

I am! It’s been eight years from logic thinking to getting.I’m not trying to flatter him. I’ll just give an example.

The traditional way of playing on the Internet is to give some sweets in the early stage and VIP service in the later stage. However, with the emergence of universities, the brand building, frequent meetings and training methods have been thoroughly developed. Who are they gathering? The backbone! You absolutely can say that it is a “illegal” organization.

Another digression: how many people are using Linux system?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

Its rise is not accidental. It is also full of brand building, frequent meetings and training. Especially in training, Linux has 12 related certifications. As the second largest server operating system in the world, it must be certified.

Finally, make a summary: other public chains take funds to attract and motivate. They do it, we do it. But we must add brand building, followed by meetings and training system, cultivate talents from low to high, continue to spread and educate the market, and constantly provide all kinds of skilled talents for the plateau project.

Jie said:In the battle of ecological big scuffle, we found that different public chain projects showed two different states from the market observation. The first is to advocate the incubation and support of internal ecological projects. Second, it advocates seeking external projects for business level combination. Now I would like to invite you to interpret the occurrence of this phenomenon and the advantages and disadvantages of the two choices.

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

As for the advantages and disadvantages of internal growth and external growth, I will directly draw a conclusion, and then elaborate on the two viewpoints.

The conclusion is: from my point of view, the two methods are not good or bad, they only affect the project, because of the interference of time, resources and other factors, the results are different. A complete project is to adjust measures to local conditions. No matter “incubating and supporting internal ecological projects” or “seeking external projects for business integration”, the two things should be done at the same time, according to brand planning, prioritization and step-by-step development“ “Internal growth” is a native project, which needs to be done with all efforts. Because the native project itself is a benchmark“ “External cooperation” is to actively pull the external head resources and star projects, with flow and heat. Both are indispensable.

Simplely: the public chain project is like starting a company. We should build competitive products internally and integrate multiple resources externally. Internal and external division of labor, get twice the result with half the effort.

Next, I will talk about the core points of the two ways.

1.Why do public chain projects choose to incubate and support projects that advocate internal ecology?

  • Strategic height: internal ecological projects and public chain projects have high strategic value. Secondly, with its savage growth, it is not as good as standardized innovation. Developers have a clear understanding of project control and integration, and can create and accumulate more self value for public chain projects at a certain point in time.
  • High survival rate: endophytic project is easier to correct deviation. In the early stage of project incubation, it has been able to obtain relatively professional guidance and relatively rich resources, which greatly improves the success rate.
  • Precipitation loyalists: once the Endostar project starts, it means that there will be enough stickiness in the next 6-18 months. Harvest developers, users, heat, topics, predictable internal or external cooperation, etc.

2.Why do public chain projects choose to seek external projects for business integration?

  • Make the cake bigger: the real project will never overlap with the existing projects by 60% – 80%. Although it is a common field, the direction of the project is deviated. Note that blockchain is not a manufacturing industry, so there is no price war. This is the same root, why kill each other, win-win cooperation, cake bigger.
  • Be a better self: no matter what the purpose is, they choose to be a better self. If we spread out the demand, we can do something together, make profits separately, or create a new common interest.
  • High speed expansion: cooperation, the result is a hundred flowers bloom. It can quickly respond to different fields and functions. The market will screen and eliminate those projects that are not recognized.

Jie said:Finally, the latticex Foundation launched the Alaya / PlatONapplication priority vote on May 26th to decide the Alaya / PlatON ecological priority development through public opinion. Among the directions proposed by latticex, which one do you think should be given priority?

PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

This is a very good question. In fact, it helps us sort out what we should do next? Where is the goal! Next, I will not do anything to pave the way. I will directly elaborate on the priorities and reasons of the current stage. This is just my personal opinion. Please correct me.

The first: cross chain

Only by doing a good job in cross chain operation can let other assets come in. It’s the top priority. From a market point of view, DEX will be our first choice to improve liquidity. But if the mature public chain project is beyond reproach. As far as PlatON is concerned, we should first do a good job in cross chain work to pave the way for the next asset import and export. Like a saying:To get rich, we should build roads first! In the later stage, when PlatON becomes more famous, other cross chain platforms should also take the initiative to talk about cooperation.

The second: wallet

Wallet is the facade of a project. It is the place where users contact most and gain trust.

As an official wallet, Aton wallet is far away from the experience and functions of mainstream wallets. The requirement discussion of v1.0.2 version was also published three days ago. I hope you can speak enthusiastically.

Currently, Cobo wallet, math wallet and hashkey are the third-party wallets supporting the PlatON project. While continuously optimizing the official wallets, we hope to discuss more mainstream wallets. Let the user not be hindered in the process of choosing wallet.

In addition, the hardware wallet is also crucial. At present, Aton supports offline devices as hardware wallets, but it is essentially different from hardware wallets. The fund management scheme of large enterprises and institutions is not satisfied with offline equipment (mainly asset security). As a big brand, PlatON needs to have such equipment solutions to support.

The third:DEX and transaction aggregator

This plate doesn’t need too much explanation. Provide high liquidity!

The fourth:Loan, insurance

Make liquidity better! By means of leverage.

At present, latticex forum has a higher voting rate on this issue. I voted! But why I didn’t make a reason to define priorities too high, and also talk about my considerations.

1.Distributed storage: this direction must exist, combined with the characteristics of privacy computing. But at this stage, we still need to consider the scope of application layer landing, and need time to give the answer.

2.NFT: personally, what NFT lacks is not technical support, but market and commercial recognition. Perhaps a vigorous auction will be needed as the tipping point, and the traditional media of various countries are competing to report.

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PlatON ecological theory | "Ecological" battlefield, where to go?

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