Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product

Recently, the concept of the meta universe has become hotter and hotter. With the continuous improvement of technology, we have seen that it is possible to build a real digital parallel world. Below, I offer An idea for a less-than-perfect Metaverse product. Welcome to discuss them together.I do not have the technical ability, hope that the team with ability and interest can achieve.

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Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product

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Recently, the concept of the meta universe has become more and more popular, With the continuous improvement of technology, we have seen that it is possible to build a real digital parallel world.

Below, I offer some An idea for a less-than-perfect Metaverse product,Welcome to discuss them together.I do not have the technical ability,but hope that a team with ability and interest can achieve.

The original idea was based on the Google I/O system, which provided basic scenarios, roles, props, NPC and task systems. It can be understood as the prototype of a game, but its role was to show developers, science popularization technology and characteristics of the system.Later, when the NFT straight fire, I thought that this system had the potential to become a Metaverse integrating science popularization, real estate auction, NFT art exhibition, artist creation and distribution, NFT transaction and virtual conference. Through gradual iteration, each major version will have milestone functions and goals, and finally achieve a Metaverse based on PlatON.

Ⅰ. The first stage—-PlatON technology, feature science popularization -Google I/O

This stage will determine the overall technical architecture,On the premise of Google I/O, the implementation method will be planned in advance from the architecture to lay a good foundation for the subsequent iteration.

Google I/O experience link: Google I/O 2021

Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product
Google I/O returns virtually and live May 18-20.

| 1.1 Role -Avatar system

Avatar system, also called as paper doll system, is commonly used in the role system architecture of the game. He divides the role in the game into many different components, each of components can be designed into different styles and colors (the color can be controlled through algorithms, greatly reducing the design workload and resource consumption), and finally combines each component,Form a unique role image.In fact, whether it is CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club which suddenly caught fire recently, the core is this system. However, these 3 products are packaged into NFT separately after being randomly generated by the program, and there is no free combination and design link for users.

Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product
Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product
Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product
Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Metaverse in the idea is expected to be deeply involved in the creation of Avatar by all parties, and a set of content system will be randomly generated by users, artists and programs. Combined with the characteristics of ERC998, the whole set of Avatar content system will be able to operate on its own, and the works of other people will be continuously integrated, so that all people can have their own digital images.

1.1.1 Description of components disassembly

We can divide the product characters into the following parts to ensure the diversity of the characters and the space for creation.

For example: hair style, hair color, head decoration, decorative color, skin color, eye shape, eye shape, eye color, eye white color, ear shape, ear decoration, decorative color, nose shape, nose decoration, decorative color, brow shape, brow color, top shape, top color, pants shape, pants color, clothing decoration, decorative color, etc.

The part of the color can be generated randomly by the program, which can save a lot of resources and create scarcity and randomness.

Community selections | Bobcat(Shanmao): Immature thoughts of a metaverse product
Avatar system example

| 1.2 Scene – different theme map

In the first stage of development, it is divided according to different lines of PlatON, such as node map, encryption map, AI map and privacy map. Each map is divided into different areas, and the technical characteristics and principles of each line are displayed in the form of animation.At the same time, there are various functions in the scene, such as NPC (answer, task), calling the underlying data to display various information of the main network (node name in the block, browser data, etc.), other users in the same scene, text chat function.

1.2.1 Popular science animation

Each map will have a big theme, and different popular science animation will be displayed in different areas of the map to illustrate the technical principles and characteristics, such as: node map: what nodes do, how nodes work, how to elect consensus nodes, description of zero output block, double check, etc;Big map of cryptology: secure multi-party computing, zero knowledge proof, homogeneous encryption, etc.

1.2.2 Scene functions

Task bulletin board: it includes various community tasks, such as joining the community, forwarding articles, Bounty, etc;Grants bulletin board: publicize the application, completion and distribution of Grants;Node bulletin board: list of all nodes, current block nodes, nodes under penalty, etc;Governance bulletin board: the current status of various community governance proposals and the function of initiating voting;Community Council: access to the room requires authority to verify the bound wallet address;Interactive games: fishing, tree planting, flower planting, interactive puzzle solving and other games, planting game needs daily maintenance;Treasure chest: after opening, items, points, Avatar components and other contents will be obtained.

1.2.3 User interaction

The location and mobile status of the users are synchronized with the server. All users can see other users on the same screen in the scene. The first stage between users can only carry out simple interaction, such as text chat, dancing together, wave hands, viewing Avatar components, etc.

| 1.3 Tasks and NPCs in the system

The system tasks are received from the NPC in the system, and the completion of the operation in the system specified in the task is regarded as the completion of the task, such as planting a tree, fishing 3 times, exploring how many maps, and talking with a certain NPC, etc.After the task is completed, you can obtain props, Avatar components and points, depending on the task design.The main purpose of the task system is to obtain points and Avatar components. The amount of points proves the user’s time of using the product to a certain extent, which is regarded as a proof of activity.Points can be redeemed for some NFT products or other purposes in later designs.In addition to being used for tasks, the greater role of NPC is to guide users to have a dialogue with NPC in the form of tasks, so as to have a deeper understanding of PlatON.

Ⅱ. Second stage -Avatar NFT – providing NFT production, distribution and trading infrastructure

In the first stage, after accumulating a certain number of users through points, community activities and other means, we will carry out a comprehensive Avatar NFT. The main work in this stage is to build infrastructure, build a bridge between the creator and the buyer, make NFT design, distribution, synthesis and transaction more convenient and gamification, and provide design tools that tend to be simplistic,Everyone can be a creator.

| 2.1 NFT design and release

Integrated NFT design and distribution tools are provided in the product. The creator creates in the tools provided by the product, and the NFT works can be generated by paying the service fee after the completion of creation.To prevent counterfeiting, the creation tool will remove the weight of each Avatar component and search for the same works in the chain contract through the algorithm before publishing.Whether they are the same or not depends on the previous NFT work settings. In terms of time dimension, the first published works have copyright. The creator needs to set copyright protection options when publishing NFT works: whether the appearance is allowed to be the same or not. If allowed, the NFT works with the same appearance but different colors are not considered to be duplicated.The works are divided into individual works and the same series of works. The individual works are like the NFT in CryptoPunks, and each design is a separate NFT work.Series products have the same appearance, but the color is based on the 16 base color number, each color will generate an NFT, and users can use the form of open blind box to randomly select.The 2 distribution methods are designed to create scarcity. Because of the color matching of series works, the number of truly beautiful works is not very large.The distribution of series works will pay more handling fees.Because the contract is open on the chain, all Avatar NFT can be called by other projects, and users still own their own NFT assets. All the users’ purchase of Avatar NFT is to enrich their digital image on the PlatON network, so that other projects can also be low-cost diversion in the early cold start to achieve more diversified uses of NFT,Explore added value.

| 2.2 NFT transactions

NFT trading provides a complete set of system solutions, such as point-to-point trading, trading market, auction house, etc.In view of the WYSIWYG characteristics of all Avatar components in the product, users can directly initiate transaction applications through role interaction to speed up the turnover rate of transactions when they see the desired Avatar components in the scene.This mechanism will also give rise to a large number of merchants, showing Avatar and attracting customers in prosperous areas or franchised in scenarios.The trading market and auction house are prominent buildings in the central scene. Users can enter the exchange or auction house to directly try on the products. Thanks to the unified system, users can also send emails within the system to the creator for communication and exchange, so as to promote the turnover rate. Of course, the seller can set whether to allow the letter to be received at the time of bill posting.

| 2.3 Improvement of user interaction dimension

Due to the addition of the NFT function, the dimensional needs of users in the interaction will also increase. For example, the new mail, Avatar lease and transaction will involve the change and transfer of some asset interests.

| 2.4 Scenario access rights

At this stage of the product, the number of users will be accumulated to a certain extent, and the product will have more use scenarios and values at the same time with rich functions, such as special scenarios for large communities, governance of various lines, meeting needs, etc., all of which require franchise rights to enter and participate.The person in charge can give the user access rights by issuing the Avatar NFT component that can access the scene to the members, such as a community Cape, Governance Committee sceptre, etc. such NFT can set the rights and timeliness when it is issued, and the issuer has the right to revoke the rights of a certain NFT and change it into a commemorative NFT.

| 2.5 Summary

At this stage, the product has the realization and platform capabilities, and the operation and governance of the entire platform will be fully handed over to the platform’s Governance Committee.At the same time, it will turn to platform construction in an all-round way to provide infrastructure construction and revenue support for all parties involved in the platform.

Ⅲ. The third stage -DAO, world expansion, real estate auction, private scene, NFT exhibition facilities construction, voice chat

|3.1 Governance Committee

Committee Election: users of elected members need to consume certain points on the platform and pledge a certain amount of LAT to participate in the election.After reaching the election threshold, users need to go to the platform to solicit votes, and users need to consume platform points for voting.The users with the top X in terms of the final total votes can be elected as members of the Governance Committee of the current period, and the LAT pledged by the members during their term of office cannot be unlocked.All key decisions within the platform require governance committee decisions, such as expanding the world, expanding the size of scenarios, etc.

|3.2 World expansion

The Governance Committee shall make a decision to appropriately expand the world land, expand the area and start the auction price.After the decision is passed, the scene designer can sign up for the design proposal of the land and publicize the design proposal in the community meeting hall of the platform.Users can directly vote for the designer of the land in the community meeting hall through procedures, which requires platform points.The designer with the highest number of votes obtains the right of scene design, and a certain number of LAT of the designer is locked by contract. After the designer delivers the site, the locked LAT is unlocked.Community users will check and accept the site design by voting at the community meeting. After the acceptance, the land will enter the pre auction stage.

|3.3 Real estate auction

In the auction preparation stage, community users can estimate the value of the land by pledging LAT, and count the total pledged amount by the end date. If it exceeds the starting price, the starting price of the land will be updated to the pledge price;If the auction price does not exceed the starting price, the auction will still be conducted according to the starting price.After the successful auction, the total amount of the auction is divided into the following parts which are entered into each account through the contract: 30%: all users participating in the pledge are divided according to the proportion of the pledge amount;30%: transferred to the account of the site designer;30%: access to the account of the Governance Committee for platform construction and maintenance;10%: access to development team accounts.If the auction site is unsold, the Governance Committee, pledge users and venue designers will jointly vote to decide whether to reduce the initial auction amount or give away the rights and interests.Type of interests: World Map portal, regional map portal, NFT exhibition facilities, scene mining pool, discount (funded by Governance Committee), etc.

| 3.4 Private scene construction

3.4.1 Free materials

After taking a picture of the scene, users can start to build their own private scene. The platform will provide free materials, such as floor tiles, walls, doors, windows, tables, chairs and other materials. Users can build the scene according to their own wishes, and can set the access rights and distribution rights for any region in their own scene Avatar NFT.

3.4.2 NFT materials

The creator can design decorative patterns according to the basic materials, or directly design decorative and landmark buildings, and auction the list on the exchange or auction house.Key parameters that can be set: number of issues, random color, whether 2 packaging creation is allowed, etc.The purchased user can use the material for the layout of private scenes.

3.4.3 Function setting

The site owner can set up various functional facilities (which may include payment facilities) and permissions, such as whether voice is allowed, voting device, mining pool, mining pool amount, site transfer door, shelf, meeting hall, billboard, NFT display device, etc.The owner of the venue has the right to price, put on the shelves and display the NFT sale proceeds for various facilities.

| 3.5 Voice chat

The chat system is fully upgraded to voice chat. Users can hear nearby voice chat within a certain range, and the volume is reduced to a certain extent according to the distance between the characters. In addition, combined with the site permissions, voting machines, etc., the virtual meeting has a real usable value.

| 3.6 Summary

At this point, the scene has the value of actual use, and can be combined with various rights, exhibition facilities, pricing and other rules, so that the scene owners have the ability to realize, and can also maintain the activity and stickiness of free community users through mining pools and rights and interests. At the same time, ordinary users also have the scene auction pledge income with higher participation,Designers can also start to create their own popularity and community influence with their works to realize win-win situation for all parties.The early platform can support some successful cases, build a reputation for the platform, and prepare for the next stage of comprehensive opening and highly programmable.

Ⅳ. The fourth stage – fully open, scenario programmable

To truly become an open multi-dimensional universe, the services provided are more inclined to the construction of the underlying infrastructure, such as defining interface, modular programming, SDK, etc., and the site owner can have the programming rights of the site.

For example:

The scene is developed into an online chess room where users can freely enter and play several games;

The scene is developed into an online racing venue, where users can purchase and modify racing cars to win prizes;

Develop the scene into a concert venue and invite famous artists to perform;

And so on.

The Metaverse has evolved into a multi-dimensional universe, enabling teams with real ideas and creativity to join in and create their own world.

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