PlatONWorld Monthly Report | June

Article Release

A total of 81 reprinted articles were published, among which, 39 were published in Chinese, 31 in English and 11 in Korean.

  • Original selection

《PlatON ecological theory | “Ecological” battlefield, where to go?》 Click to read

《Viewpoint | “Compliance” layout, Reasons for the price increase of LAT!》Click to read

  • AMA

《PlatON Eco Talk | Community discussion on ecological development – AMA full review》 Click to read

Platform user coverage has been visited by users from 21 countries and regions, and 4 new countries have been added this month: Brazil, Venezuela, Morocco and Austria.

Platform Progress

PlatONWorld navigation site (Chinese and English version) is online

  • The site integrates browser, wallet, developer resources, documentation tools, community, eco-team, exchange, quotes, information and other sections to achieve one-stop direct access to PlatON-related multi-channel functions. Click to view

PlatONWorld Korea site Online

Independent operation team, precisely positioning the Korean market, promoting PlatON and better promoting PlatON ecological construction. Click to view

Node operation

PlatONWorld-PlatON node is running steadily, with 22,940 blocks out in June, 100% block rate Click to view

PlatONWorld-Alaya node is running steadily, with 32,700 blocks issued in June, with 100% block rate Click to view

July Planning


Successively launch and improve the content of Lumino, Meta-Universe, Community Select and other columns

Platform Optimization

Optimize platform performance and user experience

New multi-language version

Enrich the content of Korean site


《PlatONWorld Site Owner Project Recruitment Plan》, the platform will recruit subsite operation teams in various languages in the blockchain industry to better promote PlatON ecological construction.

PlatONWorld Monthly Report | June


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