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【10 days node data】

August 12201271285
August 11201281185
August 10201281284
August 09201281284
August 08201281284
August 07201341278
August 06201341278
August 05201341278
August 04201341278
August 03201351277
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

Poly Network hackers responded to the attack: because it’s fun

[PolyNetwork hacker responds to the attack: because it’s fun] In the early morning of August 12, the PolyNetwork hacker issued a self-question and answer, claiming that PolyNetwork was attacked because of fun and cross-chain attacks were very popular. In addition, he revealed that the transfer of tokens was to ensure safety. The only solution that came up was to keep it in a trusted account while keeping yourself anonymous and safe. In addition, hackers stated that they are responsible for exposing vulnerabilities before any insiders hide and use it. Although PolyNetwork is a good system, it is actually one of the most challenging attacks that hackers can enjoy. The hacker also claimed that he was not exposed at the moment, because he used temporary emails, IPs, etc., all of which were untraceable. It is worth mentioning that the hacker revealed that he was “forced” to launch the attack because he/she failed to make a POC at the beginning. The original plan was to use a blitz to take over the four networks of ETH, BSC, POLYGON and HECO, but HECO Something went wrong, because the behavior of the HECO repeater is different from other repeaters. The administrator just relayed my exploit directly, and the key has been updated to some wrong parameters. Finally, the hacker stated that he refunded his money because he was not very interested in money, and people would be painful when they were attacked, but they should learn something from these attacks. PolyNetwork is qualified to manage $1 billion projects in the future, but it is necessary Provide some tips on how to protect their online security.

Mango Market, a cross-margin trading platform based on Solana, raised $70 million through token sales

According to news from the chain, Solana’s ecological decentralized cross-margin trading platform MangoMarket has raised more than 70 million U.S. dollars (70,462,383 U.S. dollars) in the sale of MNGO tokens, and a maximum of about 500 million U.S. dollars has been poured in during the 24-hour sales process. . The token sale obtains liquidity from the platform’s own fund pool and Serum, and it is not open to US users. The token MNGO has three main purposes: insurance funds, governance tokens, and incentive liquidity mining rewards for market makers. 90% of the tokens are locked in the governance fund and 5% of the tokens are locked in the insurance policy. , The remaining tokens are locked in the contributor’s tokens, and all proceeds from this financing will be invested in the DAO insurance fund. In the event of an accident, it will provide protection for the lender of the agreement. According to the chain, MangoMarket is a decentralized cross-margin trading platform based on the Solana ecology. It has up to 5 times leverage and integrated limit orders on the SerumDEX’s on-chain order book. Users can earn interest on deposits and margin positions. , In March this year, he also won a hackathon held by Solana and Serum.

Daily View | Thursday August 12


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