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10,250,000,000 158,190,000 32.46% 1,197,154,036.39 43,994
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【10 days node data】

September 27 201225104
September 26 201225104
September 25 201225104
September 24 201235104
September 23 201236102
September 22 201226102
September 21 201226102
September 20 201226102
September 19 201227101
September 18 201228100
September 17201228100
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

A professor at the University of Johannesburg urged South Africa to establish a cryptocurrency policy to become a digital currency innovation center n related products and services to Chinese users

According to bitcoin.com on September 27, rabelanidagada, a professor at the University of Johannesburg, urged South Africa to finalize its cryptocurrency public policy if it still wants to become a digital currency innovation center. In an article published by itweb, dagada said that regulators must learn from history. Opposing an emerging innovation does not kill it. Although the South African authorities are not strongly opposed to cryptocurrencies, they refuse to let them become the mainstream. To illustrate this, dagada cited the refusal of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to approve sygnia’s bitcoin ETF launch application. However, dagada insists that if JSE approves the application, South Africa “will likely become a cryptocurrency innovation center, especially considering that South Africa has highly complex financial services in developing economies.” however, dagada points out in the article that the regularization of cryptocurrency is also beneficial to South Africa because it contains a large amount of taxable tax.

Report: 10% of early start-ups focus on blockchain technology

According to coingeek on September 27, blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies among global start-ups. A new report shows that 10% of early start-ups focus on this technology. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and robots are the fastest-growing technology trends. In the past five years, blockchain has experienced rapid adoption, surpassing digital currency and finance and becoming the pillar of social media, healthcare, supply chain management, big data, legal services, insurance and many other industries. The latest global startup ecosystem report reflects the rising adoption rate and lists blockchain as one of the industries worthy of attention, especially in early start-ups. The annual report, prepared by startupgenome, a policy consulting agency, surveyed more than 10000 start-up executives around the world.

Daily View | Monday September 27


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