More Details | PlatON Partnered with Google Cloud

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More Details | PlatON Partnered with Google Cloud
解读 | PlatON×Google Cloud,构建新一代基础设施

On November 4, 2021, PlatON, a privacy AI computing network, announced a strategic partnership with Google, a leading global technology company. In the initial stage of the cooperation, PlatON will serve as an important partner of Google Cloud in the field of blockchain and privacy computing, exploring applications and solutions of blockchain and privacy computing technologies together with Google, and providing basic application technologies and enterprise-level platform services for global users.

Shortly after the news was released, I already made a short text interpretation of this cooperation “Read | PlatON and Google Cloud Become Partners, Significantly”, this in-depth reading is to dig more details of the cooperation, so that PlatON fans can better understand the goals and achievements that the Foundation has been adhering to.

解读 | PlatON×Google Cloud,构建新一代基础设施

What is Google’s mechanism for selecting partners?

More Details | PlatON Partnered with Google Cloud

According to the partner requirements announced by Google Cloud, the requirements of “Build Participation Model” for partners are annual business plan and integration of one product.

“Requirement: integration of 1 product, which then represents the next PlatON collaboration with Google Colud that will spawn at least 1 product”

In the process of access, I formulated the identity of the company and carried out the submission of information related to the partners, the whole process requires the filling of 3 forms. Separately, the company size, business direction, number of customers, annual profitability, etc. need to fill in detail.

From the number of partners in the current directory, there are a total of 4,368 partners in Asia Pacific, of which PlatON is one. It’s easy to see that the vetting threshold and competency requirements are high!

解读 | PlatON×Google Cloud,构建新一代基础设施


Why Google?

Many people will consider the question, why not Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, but Google!

  • First of all, Google has the world’s leading technology reserves in the field of artificial intelligence, the same AI field of “privacy AI computing network” used by the TensorFlow AI architecture to develop.
  • Second, Google’s industry height, combined with blockchain projects, is bound to spawn production tools and applications that are applicable globally, Especially Google’s developer ecology and its perfection, can provide PlatON with high-quality developer resources and assistance.
  • Finally, Google’s absolute advantage in the mobile side, as the privacy protection as the core capabilities of PlatON choose Google is also hoping to get closer to ordinary users, because the data of citizens need privacy protection.

Google, as a company labeled as AI+Cloud Computing, has always maintained its sensitivity in technology at the forefront of the industry. As a technology giant, Google naturally hopes to make a breakthrough in its AI+Cloud Computing field industry through blockchain technology.

Google’s parent company Alphabet is the world’s second largest corporate investor in blockchain, behind Japanese financial giant SBI Holding. Alphabet has invested in blockchain companies such as Ripple and trading platform LedgerX, all of which are closely related to cryptocurrencies. From investment to R&D and applications, Google blockchain is catching up!


Why Google Cloud?

Cutting from cloud servers, blockchain nodes, cryptographic security technology, data applications, etc. is more in line with the essence of blockchain – a technical system composed of distributed data storage, peer-to-peer transmission, consensus mechanism, cryptographic algorithms, smart contracts and other technical combinations.

Google Cloud Platform is a set of public cloud computing services provided by Google. The business includes a series of hosted services for computing, storage and application development running on Google hardware, etc..

Google Cloud Platform Product Overview
Google Cloud Platform provides services for compute, storage, networking, big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as cloud management, security and developer tools.

解读 | PlatON×Google Cloud,构建新一代基础设施

What are the business segments of cooperation? (including but not limited to)

Going back to the business layer, the most suitable business segments for PlatON to cut into are.

Node、KMSOpen Data

I. Node

Public chain projects, nodes are the foundation of the distributed network. In the event of “PlatON Secure Multiparty Computing Ceremony Lumino Official Launch”, Google Cloud has already provided cloud machine resources for the participants of Lumino ceremony as a sponsor partner. It is not difficult to see that the cooperation in Node, MPC based will continue!

Secondly, PlatON has Google Cloud machine resources, which is an advantage to the teams and individuals who will be involved in the PlatON validation nodes.

If the partnership is just a discount on the purchase of cloud services? I think it is far from enough. More detailed node services can be provided for blockchain node teams or individuals.

Mature blockchain node technology + global top cloud service resources.

In my judgment, there is bound to be a blockchain node product that is open to global users and more reflective of each other’s values.

—— Global Distributed Node Management Service System



Key management is KMS, which is a very basic facility for cloud services, and should be no stranger to those who understand server security.

  • Web 2.0: Involving KMS are various servers, databases, and personal related network key management.
  • In addition, several major global cloud service vendors have their own set of KMS as the base security. The project in the blockchain space that I understand is currently being tried is NuCypher, positioned as a distributed key management platform (KMS), a privacy layer protocol built on top of ethereum.

This cooperation will result in a distributed KMS tool with threshold signature technology. It solves the current pain point of private key management in the digital asset field and has the industry standard of “Distributed KMS”.

—— Globally distributed KMS based on threshold signatures


III. Open Data

The business of data is back in PlatON’s native domain, where “everything is computable”. We have already talked about the importance of data in our white paper 2.0, “Privacy Computing is Breaking Down “Data Silos” – PlatON 2.0 White Paper Explained”.

Google has a natural advantage in the field of data application and is well suited to provide Oracle applications in the blockchain field, providing more authenticity and authoritative data services for various DApps applications. With the support of PlatON privacy AI computing network, the flow of data becomes secure and the value of data is magnified infinitely.

Thus, it is highly probable that a new business form of data circulation will emerge and provide infrastructure to support large-scale data asset convergence and computation for global finance, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc.

—— Global Distributed Data Services Platform



PlatON is not the first blockchain project to partner with Google, but it is one of the most sincere. I see a combined product direction that drives the privacy computing industry with “verifiable” standards.

I hope I can dig up more details and share them with you! Thanks!

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