Daily View | Thursday November 11

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Total issuanceCirculationPledge rateTotal pledgeNumber of addresses
10,250,000,000 1,119,380,000 25.96% 1,209,088,140.32 59,339
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/


Trading pair24 hours high24 hours low24-hour trading volume
LAT/USDT 0.1630 0.1420 62,858,127
BTC/USDT 69000.00 62757.00 18,170
ETH/USDT 4868.00 4460.89 162,382
Data source: Huobi Exchange

【10 days node data】

November 11 201 14 8 116
November 10201138116
November 9201128115
November 8 201137114
November 7 201127114
November 6 201127114
November 5 201127114
November 4 201128113
November 3 201147112
November 2 201147112
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

PlatON, the Privacy AI Computing Network, Releases a New Version Compatible with the Etherium Ecosystem

PlatON, a privacy AI computing network, has officially released a new version compatible with the Ethernet ecology in order to achieve a seamless integration between PlatON and the Ethernet platform. After the full compatibility with the Ethernet ecology, developers can use the existing mature and rich tools and resources of the Ethernet ecology to carry out transplantation of Ethernet ecological applications, as well as to expand applications and innovative practices on PlatON network with privacy features, high performance and low fees. At the same time, PlatON “Hackathon PLUS” and “Ethernet compatible version verification activity” are also underway.

Development and Reform Commission National Information Center Shan Zhiguang: Blockchain has great promise in the field of real estate

According to the news of November 11, at the 2021 Real Estate Digitalization Summit held by E-House Kruger, Shan Zhiguang, director of the Information and Industry Development Department of the National Information Center of the Development and Reform Commission, said that digitalization should be realized from “Internet” to “intelligence”. The transformation from “internet” to “intelligence”, the flow-driven effect brought by “internet”, the algorithm-driven effect brought by “artificial intelligence”, and the credible drive brought by “blockchain” are the most important factors for the future digital transformation of real estate. This is the most reliable path and technical route for the digital transformation of real estate, especially blockchain has a great future in the real estate field in the future.

Daily View | Thursday November 11


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