Daily View | Friday November 12

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Total issuanceCirculationPledge rateTotal pledgeNumber of addresses
10,250,000,000 1,117,130,000 26.14% 1,211,378,538.96 59,524
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/


Trading pair24 hours high24 hours low24-hour trading volume
BTC/USDT 69000.00 62757.00 18,170
ETH/USDT4807.724653.80 104,707
Data source: Huobi Exchange

【10 days node data】

November 12201148116
November 11 201 14 8 116
November 10201138116
November 9201128115
November 8 201137114
November 7 201127114
November 6 201127114
November 5 201127114
November 4 201128113
November 3 201147112
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

The fixed-rate agreement Tempus Finance will conduct a 48-hour Dutch auction of TEMP tokens with an initial price of $0.51

According to news from the chain, the fixed-rate agreement TempusFinance will conduct a 48-hour Dutch auction at BalancerLBP at 1:00 am on November 17th, Beijing time. This auction has a total of 70 million TEMP tokens (7% of the total supply). The initial price is $0.51, and users need USDC to participate. Early participants in this auction will also have the opportunity to obtain a whitelist to cast TempusSersNFT. TempusFinance is an agreement that focuses on splitting the principal and income tokens for wrapped tokens. Its AMM is a custom AMM built on Balancerv2. Its principal token is called Principals, and its income token is called Yields. The combination of the two and the corresponding underlying asset certificate is called YieldBearingToken.

The cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet launched the NFT series for the Ethereum block, and the image on the NFT is generated based on the block data

According to news from the chain, the cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet has launched an NFT series for Ethereum blocks. Each NFT corresponds to an Ethereum block. The image on the NFT is generated based on the block data, and each block can only be minted once. Blocks 1-10 will be reserved for the founders of Ethereum, and 13 blocks marking key moments in Ethereum’s history will be pre-minded for auction (as of December 11). In terms of casting price, the price of the first 100 blocks is 0.01 ETH, the price of the next 500 blocks is 0.03 ETH, and the price of all subsequent blocks is 0.05 ETH (plus Gas fee).

Daily View | Friday November 12


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