PlatON AIR#14 | PlatON Hackathon Plus Session Itheum

Hello community, PlatON AIR Hackathon PLUS series is back! This time we have invited Mark Paul, CTO of Ithuem, to do a live broadcast for you.

PlatON AIR#14 | PlatON Hackathon Plus Session Itheum

Itheum Project Introduction

Itheum offers “decentralized data brokerage” technology, which is a set of tools that bridge high value data from web2 to web3 and then trade it through P2P sales. It allows for “viral adoption” through our creative Data NFT technology and our innovative Data Federation DAO (sell your data in bulk). Itheum also aims to fully protect privacy, facilitate regulation and cross-chain, making itself the most comprehensive core data infrastructure platform on the market with use cases in both the enterprise and consumer space. No Itheum is already integrated with PlatON; our “Data DEX” has been deployed to PlatON Testnet and has enabled P2P data sales. We are now working on using the “computing services” provided by PlatON with features such as secure multi-party computing, homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proofs.

Live Information (500LAT Raffle in Live Broadcast)

Time: 15:30 P.M. November 09
Due to the time difference between our guests and us, we have rescheduled the live broadcast to 15:30 pm
Live Room:PlatON Network Youtube Live Room

Collecting Questions with Prize(600LAT)

Please leave a message in this post for asking questions about these two Hackathon Projects during the Live Streaming~
Please send your LAT adress after leaving the massage
We would totally choose 3 superior questions from Twitter and Forum,each one could have 200 LAT for reward!

Forwarding with Prize(500LAT)

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