LatticeX | OpenTSS Bug Bounty

LatticeX | OpenTSS Bug Bounty


The latest codebase of OpenTSS is now open source ( Implemented with the safe, efficient Rust language, the project supports MPC key generation (Keygen) and MPC signature (Sign) based on the ECDSA algorithm. As the OpenTSS codebase goes open source, we hope the bug bounty program can lead us to more like-minded developers who are willing to help us improve OpenTSS, optimize the distributed management of keys, and empower the TSS technology ecosystem together.


00:00 August 19 to 9:00 September 30 (UTC)

How can I join the program?

Here is what you can do:

  • Verify OpenTSS’s functions according to the user document, and submit all bugs you found in any documents or functions at any moment;
  • View the codes, and offer reasonable suggestions for improvement;
  • Try to use OpenTSS in your own project to address practical concerns;
  • Submit new features to the OpenTSS codebase.

How to submit feedback?

You can reach out to us anytime on Twitter under the bug bounty post, or you can also contact us through email. Please submit suggestions and bugs to the open-source repository in the form of Issues.


We will collect your feedback and offer rewards in the following manner:

  • After comprehensive assessments, we will provide a reward of 1,000 to 50,000 LAT for participants who submit constructive suggestions and valuable bugs on GitHub.
  • Follow LatticeX Foundation on Twitter and retweet the bug bounty post. Participants whose tweets got over 10 likes will win chances to draw the lottery, featuring one First Prize (2,000 LAT), three Second Prizes (1,000 LAT), and five Third Prizes (500 LAT). In addition, all users will have a chance to draw the participation prize (100 LAT offered to 10 lucky winners).

Distribution of rewards:

The bug bounty rewards will be distrusted after the program ends. To collect the rewards, you will need to add your PlatON wallet address to your Issue.

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