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Dear community members, this time we have invited OteMzI to be our guest to talk about ATON wallet.

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Ask Me Anything—ATON

Hello everyone, hopefully you enjoyed the AMA event, and fully thanks to PlatON Ambassador OteMzl for answering various questions about ATON in detail for community pals. We have compiled all the selected questions and answers below. That is easy for you guys to view and reference(OteMzl) if you had no time to attend the event.

  • Q1 – What are the benefits associated with ATON wallet? what does the wallet (ATON) Stands for? And what are the future expected to get from creating a wallet with ATON.

ATON wallet is a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet for PlatON Network and Alaya Network, it allows users to send, receive, store $LAT/$ATP and also allows the delegation of assets to various pools which generates rewards over time, rewards paid in LAT token, PlatON network is somewhat new and more DApps that allows the utilization of the PlatON ecosystem should be expected in the future

  • Q2 – What are the security options available on ATON and what makes it different from every other existing crypto wallets?

ATON is a decentralized wallet meaning users have total control over their asset and this is made possible with the use of mnemonic phrase, no one except that user have access to it which makes funds always safe at all times

  • Q3 – Would ATON wallet have its own native token as trustwallet, safepal, coin98 ? And if so, would it be supported by decentralized exchanges such as Binance?

ATON wallet is a mobile wallet for PlatON and currently supports $Lat/$ATP and those tokens are already trading on multiple centralized exchnage like Huobi, and many others

  • Q4 – I would like to know the security features offered by the ATON allet and is the native wallet to the PlatON Network ?

ATON is decentralized and thus uses mnemonic as backup, none of this phrase are known by the dev or team and only available to the user which makes it security tight, and ATON is the native wallet to PlatON

  • Q5 – Which Blockchain does ATON work on? Does ATON wallet have a P2P ?

ATON operates on the PlatON network and yes it supports person 2 person transfer system, users can easily click on send to move LAT from one address to another

  • Q6 – 1. What chain is ATON wallet built on?Does the wallet have a Dapp?And if it does, does it support Multi-chain tokens?

ATON is built on PlatON network and Alaya Network, PlatON is considerably new when compared to pre-existing chains and thus we are yet to have a DApp built on it, currently it supports only $Lat/$ATP transfer but the future is unpredictable so keep your fingers cross

  • Q7 – How does ATON believes to be better than most other wallets out there or i say how does ATON plan to make me use then instead of other popular wallets I use

The concept of blockchain is quite interesting and each platform hopes to solve several existing problems in their own way without competing for which is best, ATON allows interaction within the PlatON network and Alaya network and users can easily send, receive, hold, and delegate LAT token to several existing pools on the PlatON network

  • Q8 – What has ATON wallet put in place to ensure high quality security for it’s users and does it offer users multiple payment options??

The aton wallet has gone through several test to ensure users security are of the highest level, and the moment ATON wallet allows sending, receiving of $Lat/$ATP and does not support 3rd party payment option for now

  • Q9 – As a new user, we are always looking for manual or guidelines when entering the platform. The manual of course will reduce the risk of trial and error. Can you please tell us about ATON wallet platform? Is it user friendly and provide manuals?

Yes we have existing guidelines in place that allows even a total newbie into the crypto space to fully understand and make use of the ATON wallet without experiencing any issue and you can find the entire guild line here https://platonnetwork.github.io/docs/en/ATON-user-manual/

  • Q10 – What’s so specific about ATON wallet ? What makes it different from all other wallet

It is the first mobile wallet dedicated entirely to the PlatON network and Alaya network and it allows delegation of assets to different pools which over time generates reward from simply delegating to any pool of the user choice.

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