PlatON Tips #7 | Intro to validator-1

PlatON Tips #7 | Intro to validator-1

PlatON Tips #7 | Intro to validator-1

PlatON Tips #7 | Intro to validator-1

Welcome to PlatON Tips-Episode 7

So on this video, we gonna talk about validator

What is a validator?

PlatON is a blockchain project that implements democratic governance. Validators are jointly selected by all LAT holders to maintain and develop the PlatON network. The 201 nodes with the most votes will become alternative nodes, from which 43 validators will be randomly selected by VRF to participate in the management of the entire PlatON network. The responsibilities of a validator are:

Maintaining PlatON nodes and network

Production and validating the blocks

Proposal voting and decision-making

Basic requirements to become a validator

First,Minimum staking of 100,000 LAT is required and additional staking can be made, locked or unlocked,but all staking can only be canceled at once. If the actual staking is lower than the minimum staking due to penalties or other reasons., the node will automatically be removed from the list of alternative node candidates.

At the same time,you must have a server that meets the recommended configuration. When you meet the above two conditions, staking can be made become a mainnet validator.

Thank you for watching this video, follow me and take you to learn more about PlatON’s tips! See you next one!

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