ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

To lovely ShowMers !

Happy June! ShowMe continued its roadmap journey and achieved great results!

  • ShowMe has reached partnership with ATTA, INKE and XCarnival in the past 2 weeks;
  • ShowMe has participated as a guest speaker in multiple events;
  • Series of events coming soon, stay tuned!

We’ve conducted events on various community platforms and we also surpassed 30,000 followers on Twitter!😎

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

Finally, we would love to thank the community members, strategic partners and investors for your continuous support! ❤️


1️⃣ ShowMe x ATTA Protocol

ShowMe has organized a Beta Testers Reward Activity of ATTA Protocol which is a Web3 OGC & PUGC Content Protocol Powered by ATTA DAO. Exciting reward: $50-$200 worth of tokens for participants!

➡️ Link to the Twitter original: ShowMe x ATTA Protocol

2️⃣ ShowMe x INKE

ShowMe is glad to reach reach a partnership with Hoot Labs, which is a significant arrangement of INKE’s business strategy into Web3. Thanks to all the ShowMer who participated in our giveaway event.❤️

➡️ Link to the Twitter original: ShowMe x Hoot Labs

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

3️⃣ ShowMe x XCarnival

XCarnival is the first Metaverse assets liquidity aggregator for Everyone. As one of the partners, we are delighted that the XCarnival 96-hour superb bonus campaign was a resounding success.

➡️ Link to the Twitter original: ShowMe x XCarnival

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

Community Event

1️⃣ Hogwarts Labs x BUIDLCON

Thanks to RSS3 for having us in BUILDCON 2022. Sunny, head of Growth of Hogwarts Labs shared her thoughts and ideas on the topic of Bullish DApp Layer. Different stage of internet, layers of Web3 especially the DApp Layer were explained. Further, structure and visions of Hogwarts Labs were discussed as well. Full recording below 👇

➡️ Link to the Twitter original: Hogwarts Labs x BUIDLCON

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

Pioneer Masterpiece Display

1️⃣ Great Content + Amazing Video + Valuable Sharing

Pioneer continues to contribute to the spread of ShowMe, including marketing, article writing, material translation, video production, MEME etc. Here are some excellent showcases, shout out ShowMe Pioneers ❤️

➡️ Link to the Twitter original: 1- Club | 2- Video | 3- Content | 4- Translation

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

Please stay tuned for all the events😜

ShowMe MKT Survey

Last but not least, it will be appreciated if you can fill out our MKT research survey.🥰 ➡️Link to survey: ShowMe MKT Survey

Upcoming Event

We will be hosting AMA sessions with several projects including FindTruman and Moonbeam, stay tuned!

We Are Hiring

If you are interested in joining Web3 and building with ShowMe, feel free to contact: ShowMe, we’re hiring

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: June 1 – June 12

About ShowMe

ShowMe is a subscription NFT social network built on Web3 that supports creators to set a variety of subscription methods for entering the Club. In the long run, ShowMe expects to serve creators through excellent products to benefit users by returning data ownership to users.

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