⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 “Bullish DApp Layer”

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⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"


Glad to have this opportunity to share here today Thanks to RSS3 for the invitation.
The topic I want to share is Bullish DApp Layer.

We all know that the development of the Internet has gone through three stages, namely the information economy stage, the platform economy stage and the current ownership economy stage. Market players are gradually changing from companies to DAOs, and users can gradually gain ownership and benefits from products.

Hogwarts Labs hopes to accelerate the large-scale entry of users into web3 through excellent products at different stages, because we believe that the explosion of web3 must ultimately rely on DApps. In fact, it is DApp that interacts between users and the underlying protocol. Only when the experience of DApp is good enough can users truly enter this industry.

The Background and the Web3 Trend

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

This part is common sense in Web3, we all know it I won’t go into too much detail here

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

Here we think that in the past,Web2 only solved the problem of productivity, that is, to make the distribution and push of information more accurate, but it did not solve the production relationship: the employment system is still between people, and users still cannot capture value from products.

Because tokens and more forms can fully liberate production relations, Web3 will actually make more outstanding people work harder, and allow more deeply involved users to capture value from DApps.

Therefore, we think that in the field of Web3, the division of labor in the world has undergone some changes. For example, with the development of GameFi, Southeast Asia has become the center of manufacturing. Because whether you are playing games or running for others, in short, they’re a lot of labors that goes into production in this industry.

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

Here we could see that Web3 is divided into three layers. Hogwarts Labs will 100% focus on the DApp layer. There are still a lot of opportunities for DApps

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

Regarding the DApp layer, we have found that the current time node is very similar to the beginning of the mobile Internet in 2010. Users entering Web3 from the outside are not from nothing, but from something to better. So it’s very similar to that time, a large number of users are still on the PC side, just like a large number of users are still on Web2 now, and then some users buy early adopters, such as CS, HTC or various versions of Android phones. In fact, there was a lot of demand on mobile phones that was not filled at that time. Looking at the development stage of Web2 App, it actually started from tools, such as calendar, weather, alarm clock, etc., and gradually expanded to games, such as Fruit Ninja and Temple Run, and finally extended to social, such as Twitter, Ins and so on. Because the early bandwidth and various performance constraints are unable to meet more abundant scenarios, only when the infrastructure develops to a certain stage can more interesting products appear.

This development process is of great reference significance for the development of Web3 DApps.

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

In our opinion, the first development stage of DApps will focus on the fileds of community-based graphic and text DApp, simple tool DApp, Weak game dapp

Then in the next stage, the graphic and text DApp will evolve to audio and video DApp, and the simple tool DApp will support rich midia and fullfil more needs, as for the weak game dapp will evolve to strong game dapp and has much better uaser playing expirience.

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

We will focus more on tool DApps in the current stage. First of all, this is a high-frequency and relatively just-needed product, not only It can serve the users of Web3, and can also reach the users of Web2 through the form of APP.

What we do exactly [Bytedance]

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

Hogwarts Labs’ goal is to be the Bytedance in Web3. We will incubate and invest more excellent DApps.

Our team will stick to product-led growth. Because in the end whether a product can acquire customers on a larger scale comes from self-growth.

The incubation here means developing totally by our own core team.

Here are some products that already in our pipeline.


⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

When we started ShowMe last September, the Creator economy was not as hot as it is now, which also proved that our team’s judgment on products and grasp of trends are accurate. It also gives us more confidence to develop new products.


⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

Quest3 is a Web3 advertising platform. In essence, advertising is to spend money to acquire customers. Quest3 helps Business users accurately acquire customers in the form of quests, and users can get rewards after completing quests.

At present, Quest3 supports 3 types of quests

  • 1. Automatic verification quests related to Twitter and Discord
  • 2. Automatic verification on-chain quests
  • 3. POW manual review quests, which allow users to upload URL or Image to prove their work.
  • The differences between Quest3 and PG/RabbitHole
    • Permissionless poblish quests, just like the Gleam
    • On-chain + off-chain quests automatically verification
    • Orientation: target Advertising vs Credential system

Quest3 will be launched in early July. At present, both OKC and MEXC will use Quest3 as the platform for official mission release, and will provide ecological support. We will also work with 20+ leading project parties to do marketing and Campaign. If there is an opportunity, we can also cooperate.

Why does it work

This model will benefit from the structure of the team and the right timing.

Structure of team

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

Based on previous experience and Web3 exploration, our team structure will maximize the use of existing resources and shorten the incubation and market promotion cycle of new projects.

First of all, the market and research team belongs to the middle office and will serve each independent BU. When we discover new business opportunities through various information channels and market research, we will establish an independent BU to develop projects. When the initial development of the project is completed, the resources of the marketing team will be used to promote the new project, including social media, KOLs, partners, and local BD teams.

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

On the whole, the dev team will be based in China, and the marketing department will expand its business all over the world. For the local operation team, they can have more products to pitch new cooperation opportunities, thereby generating more connections.

For example, during the operation of ShowMe, our marketing department has connected with many partners and KOLs. Although some projects cannot cooperate with ShowMe, we can cooperate with Quest3, which greatly reduces the threshold for new product promotion.

In addition to the market resources just mentioned, technical resources can also be reused. For example, the API of the Web2 or Web3 project we obtained can be directly called by the new project, such as Twitter, DC, ENS, Snapshot, etc. The original contract can also be used by the new project to obtain the basic data.

This reusable resource is very important, which means that we have the ability to become a DApp production machine, and all the products are connected at the underlying data level, For example, the quest information of Quest3 can be synchronized to Calendar3, and the article feature of ShowMe can be used as the task carrier of Quest3. In the long term , Hogwarts Labs can occupy more markets and users.

Right timing to do so

Mass layoffs at Internet companies in China, there are many excellent Web2 developers who are now considering entering Web3, and now it is the best timing to onboard these talents at the lowest cost.

There are not many such opportunities, especially in the current bear market situation, it is necessary to build harder at this moment then it is possible to maximize the benefits in the next cycle .

Likewise, we use a flexible approach to onboard the talents. For example, If they want to become employees, we have many HCs, and if they want to start a business to realize their idea in Web3, we can match them with independent BUs.

In short, Hogwarts labs is doing an export business in Web3

We convert the excellent production, research and development capabilities of the Chinese team into DAPPs, which will be sold through global market channels to acquire usres and capture value continuously.

If you wanna enter Web3, then Hogwarts Labs is a great option for you.

We always believe in the value of DApps and are bullish on the DApp layer.

⚡️🧙Hogwarts Labs | Focus on Web3 "Bullish DApp Layer"

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