PlatON Monthly Report: January 2023

PlatON Monthly Report: January 2023

01 — Technological Progress

1. The verification of the PlatON 1.3.2v parallel network has been completed; the DevNet has been updated. Version updates: PlatON synced up with Ethereum (1.9.15 to 1.9.25).

2. PlatON 1.3.3v has been developed and is under internal testing. Version updates: Some Ethereum updates have been incorporated into the version; new functions including ENR and snapshot were added.

3. The optimized version of Platscan-v1.1.7 has been developed; the version is syncing with the mainnet data and is under verification.

02 — PlatON News

[PlatON Partners with Alibaba Cloud and HashKey Group to Bring to Life Asia’s Flagship Web3 Global Startup Competition in Four Major Cities]

Hong Kong and Singapore, 9 January 2023 — PlatON along with its partners Alibaba Cloud and HashKey Group, will co-host and co-organise “HAPathon 2023”, a Web3 Global Startup Competition held from March to April 2023 in four major Asia cities — Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, which is where the Final will be held.. The competition is expected to feature over 1,000 participants from all over the world, most of which are developers and founders from start-ups within Web3 community and ecosystem.

PlatON Monthly Report: January 2023

Each location will be a 2-day offline competition, which requires contestants to present the projects they developed to a professional judging committee. The Competition aims to provide global Web3 developers a platform to demonstrate their innovative acumen and the ability to transform their creativity and business sense into practical application in one of the three themes: Technical Infrastructure, Financial Services Infrastructure and Web3 Tooling and Innovative Application. The total prize value for the Competition is no less than USD 400,000.

03 — Ecosystem Collaboration

[PlatON Partners up with Web3 Virtual World Live4]

Privacy-preserving Computation Network PlatON has reached an ecosystem partnership with Live4. Live4 is a Web3 virtual world based on visualized digital identity, which intends to provide users a free, interoperable, UGC-supported space.

04 — Community Events

[PlatON Releases the Spring Festival Commemorative SBT]

To celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival in 2023, PlatON releases the Spring Festival Commemorative SBT, which can be minted within a limited period from January 19 to February 1, 2023!

PlatON Monthly Report: January 2023

[PlatON Gives Away Happy Rabbit Year Red Packet NFTs]

PlatON is giving away Happy Rabbit Year Red Packet NFTs jointly with MadMen, NiftyIN, and StoneAeon.

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