PlatON Monthly Report: April 2024

01—Technological Progress


1. Investigate compatibility issues with ERC20 deployment in the PlatON 1.5.0 version compiler;

2. Investigate transactions on the mainnet where the sender is a contract address in preparation for the mainnet upgrade;

3. Initiate the development of version 1.6.0 to be compatible with and integrate Ethereum v1.11.0.

PlatON Wallet

1. PlatON Wallet 1.4.3: Added a Reward cashback activity to the wallet component, development completed and launched;

2. PlatON Wallet 1.4.4: Added an Off Ramp channel to the wallet component, supporting the exchange of USDT and DUSD into INR fiat currency, development completed and launched;

3. PlatON Wallet 1.4.5: Requirement design and architectural design for the D-Lite Card module are in progress.


1. Added a new OTC payout module, development completed and launched;

2. Added a new Polygon network channel, service development in progress;

3. Design and development of the new Payment links module payment mode are in progress.

02—PlatON News

[PlatON and the International Digital Economy Association (IDEA) Sign a Blockchain Global Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding]

On April 7th, the “Web3 Payment Re-imagined” sub-forum of the 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, HashKey Group, and the fully digital public infrastructure PlatON, concluded successfully.

During the event, PlatON and the International Digital Economy Association (IDEA) reached a significant cooperation agreement and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct in-depth blockchain collaboration on a global scale, officially becoming a strategic blockchain partner of IDEA.  This partnership signifies the further expansion of PlatON’s influence in the global financial technology sector.  In addition, PlatON also signed Memorandums of Understanding with DCS CARD CENTRE, Allinpay International, and dtcpay, respectively.  This series of collaborative initiatives indicates that PlatON is set to play a more active and pivotal role in the global digital finance domain.

[PlatON Unveils State-of-the-art Web3 Payment Solutions at Money 20/20 Asia]

At Money 20/20 Asia from April 23 to 25, digital public infrastructure PlatON showcased its latest advancements and real-world applications in deposit tokenization technology to a global audience through its cutting-edge Web3 payment solutions, including TOPOS MINT, a blockchain-based professional tokenized deposit issuance system, TOPOS RemiNet, a DEX-based open remittance network, and TOPOS, an on-chain payment acquiring product.

At Money 20/20 Asia, PlatON showcased cutting-edge technology that not only demonstrates its expertise in the fintech sector but also signifies a significant step forward in driving payment technology innovation. Engaging with fintech leaders from across the globe, PlatON discussed how blockchain can revolutionize the financial industry, while actively pursuing opportunities to expand its business and influence in the Asian market and beyond.

03—Community Events

[PlatON Launches “Stake LAT, Earn DUSD” On-Chain Carnival Event (Round 2)]

From April 22nd to 29th, PlatON has initiated the “Stake LAT, Earn DUSD” event (Round 2) through its wallet plugin, with an estimated annualized return rate of 20%. The reward for this round of staking is 2000 $DUSD. Participation method: Visit the PlatON wallet plugin, click on the Earn module to stake LAT, and then wait for block rewards.

PlatON Monthly Report: April 2024

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