[Guest Profile] Nicole Nguyen, Co-founder of APAC DAO, to Attend Web3 Payment Re-imagined

Nicole Nguyen, Co-founder of APAC DAO, has confirmed that she will attend the “Web3 Payment Re-imagined” themed forum, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, HashKey Group, and PlatON, on the afternoon of April 7, 2024.

[Guest Profile] Nicole Nguyen, Co-founder of APAC DAO, to Attend Web3 Payment Re-imagined

Nicole is among the most active evangelists for emerging technologies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and the mastermind behind serial initiatives such as 2,000+ delegate Vietnam Blockchain Week and APAC DAO web3 community. She has been a speaker at over 20+ international conferences and interviewed by the Forbes, the Business Times Singapore and South China Morning Post as an industry thought leader.

With over 15+ years of experience in the corporate sector, technology startup, consulting and emerging technology advocacy, Nicole has been trusted to support hundreds of startups and companies in their APAC expansion endeavour with profound market insights, regulatory strategies and business structuring. At her current role as ASEAN Vice-chair of Global Impact Fintech Forum (GIFT) thinktank with 20+ international chapters and 200+ professional members from Central Banks, Fintech associations and institutions across the globe, Nicole chairs numerous initiatives including the most notable Vietnam Fintech Festival under the One ASEAN Fintech movement. She also runs a community powerhouse in web3 and blockchain technology namely APAC DAO with over 2,000+ members from 800 projects across Asia, powered by partnership with 50+ prominent web3 players around the world. 

Nicole is no stranger to innovation key stakeholders in the region as she was the architect of various innovation programs such as the 3-time Hack4Growth innovation contest under the auspices of Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Asia Blockchain Review – a pioneering technology research and media focusing on Asia-Pacific. She’s also a passionate evangelist for women empowerment as an Honorary Advisor to BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Women Entrepreneurship vertical.

About “Web3 Payment Re-imagined” Forum:

As a key sub-forum of the “Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024,” the “Web3 Payment Re-imagined” themed forum will invite several heavyweight guests from around the world to engage in in-depth discussions on critical topics such as Tokenization, Real-World Assets (RWA), stablecoins, and payments, collectively envisioning the future of global payments under Web3. Through the insightful presentations and intellectual exchanges among guests from diverse backgrounds, including the banking sector, acquirers, card issuers, investment institutions, and regulatory bodies, the forum will analyze and forecast how blockchain technology can reshape the global payment ecosystem. It aims to unveil the core technologies, application scenarios, regulatory landscape, and market trends in the Web3 payment domain for attendees.

As one of the largest Web3 events globally, Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 will be taking place from 6-9 April, 2024. The event will feature an amazing lineup of industry guests from around the globe, bringing together the world’s brightest minds, top Web3 projects and leading venture capitals presenting content-rich discussions and topics centered around Web3. Hong Kong regulatory representatives will also dive into and interpret the latest digital asset regulation policies.

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