Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT


Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT

After three days on the main network of PlatON, several exchanges  listed LAT token immediately.The people in communities who are talking about the future PlatON with excited emotion , as well as they are discussing about the value and potential of the investment, while many people are requesting how much circulation volume of LAT. But the officials always avoid answer this question, We still do not know what they are hiding, maybe waiting for a good timing to announce.

We found some discoveries though analyzing the blockchain data directly,then we got some conclusions about the circulation volume of LAT.

Firstly,Look at the data on the browser’s home page (

Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT

Screenshot time: About 20:00 pm on May 12th, 2021 in Singapore

The first part is circulation, the second part is total circulation.

Total Circulation

The total supply shows 10.05011 billion (10050.11m), including:

  • 10 billion (10000M) is the total amount of initial issuance.
  • 50 million, which is 2.5% of the 2.5% (250 million) of the annual additional issuance, minus 80% (200 million) of the automatic entry into the incentive pool.
  • 1.1 million, which is the block that has been generated, and the reward received by each node has been released from the lock in contract to the total amount of issuance.

Therefore, this number has been increasing. The key is that each node continuously packs blocks and gets rewards from the incentive pool, which will increase to the total circulation.

 At that time when the main network’s launched for one year, the total circulation will be steady at 10.25 billion (10,250 million).


We noticed this website when the PlatScan launched


The address had more than 9.7 billion LAT before or after the main network launched on April 30th.Did anyone notice that the number of streams on the homepage of the browser was that number, but we forgot to make a screenshot. Therefore,we can assume that this address is the total account before PlatON’s distribution, and all the LAT tokens above are tradable before the distribution.

Around 10:00 am on May 12th, PlatON project side began to distribute LAT, and this address began to send a large number of transactions to other addresses,and created kinds of lock plans, which lasted until more than 17 pm on that day. So far, more than 9.7 billion LAT tokens on this address have been dispersed.

Finally, the circulation number on the home page dropped to 2322M (2.322 billion) on my screenshot.

The share calculation of SAFT

We analyzed the transfer transaction records of this address on that day, and the records of calling the lock in plan.

According to the time, all lat sending records are divided into five batches.Our PlatONWorld team participated in the LAT SAFT in first round in 2018 and the third round in April in 2021. So, we have two addresses can receive LAT. According to the time of these two transfers, we can observe and identify all the possible SAFT addresses.

It can be estimated that there are 264 SAFT releases in three rounds, with a total of 346 million LAT. Due to the initial release is 25%, the total amount of SAFT can be calculated as 1.3845 billion. It can also be calculated that the amount of SAFTLAT that has not yet been released is about 1.04 billion.

We estimated that SAFT’s first release is 40-60% , that is 138.4-207.6 million LAT, has been pledged and entrusted by consumers. On the contrary, in the release of SAFT, there are 138.4-207.6 million LAT are in circulation truly.

The statistical analysis of other TX

Besides the transfer records of SAFT shares, there are a lot of uniform large amount TX, like these.

Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT

The total amount of these large transfers is 2.014.76 billion LAT. The number of transfers is very neat, the time is also very consistent, and the positions are not locked.

Previously, there was a document distributed in the community, which listed the distribution proportion of the initial total amount:

  • PlatON’s utility tokens will be issued in a compliant manner, with a total amount of 10 billion.
  • 10% of the found are used as the calculator fund to reward community developers, DAPP developers and node development;
  • 10% of the fund are used for academic research, algorithm research and related activities;
  • 15% of this found are used for the daily operation and maintenance expenses of latticex foundation;
  • 20% of this found distribute to the private equity issuers;
  • 20% of this found distribute to the founding team;
  • 15% of this found put into reserve pool;
  • 10% of this found will be used as ecological fund.

We made this form to estimate:

Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT

Among them,
The share of the founding team will be released in 18 months .
The foundation’s funds, presumably the same as the SAFT share, are also being released for the first time at 25%.
We estimated that the total amount of large transfer records is 2.01476 billion LAT, including the unsold 615.5 million SAFT , and the initial release of each fund of the Foundation is about 1.3 billion.

Based on our understanding of Latticex Foundation, including its high standards of compliance, ambitious goals, three years of research and development, and prudent and pragmatic work style, we are confirm confidently that the total circulation of 2014.76 million is a release within the rules, but most of it is still in the hands of the Foundation and will not be directly released to the market.


Now we can show own conclusion.

There are only two sources of circulation:

  1. The first batch of released quantity of SAFT: around 346 million LAT. Some of them are in Staking&Delegation status in the nodes, and the remaining 138.4-207.6 million LAT are in real circulation .
  2. Excluding the unsold share SAFT of 615.5 million LAT , the foundation currently holds about 1.3 billion LAT in circulation. If 10% of the 1.3 billion has been spent or distributed in foundation operation, ecological support and community activities, that is 130 million. In my opinion,it is unlikely to exceed 10% at present. After all, the main network has just been launched at short time before and the long march has just begun.

Therefore, the LAT really circulating outside is about 268.4-337.6 million at present.

Finally, we look forward to the foundation’s early disclosure of relevant data and the release of the audited financial report, so that we can witness the brilliant development of this ambitious and prudent team.

According to the above,

You think it’s right, it must be wrong. You think it’s wrong, that must be right.

Because different people have different opinions.

Now that we’ve decided to all in PlatON, so we don’t care about the circulation in our hearts, and whatever the officials will say. The reason for this article is to help other friends in the community. If you find it useful, please support

Thank you!

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Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT
Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT


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Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT

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