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  • Limited Offer! Mint “Camp Sunshine Partner” NFTs for Free!

    Spirit Master, a GameFi project in the PlatON ecosystem, is about to issue its genesis asset “Camp Sunshine Partner” NFTs, with a limited offer of 1,000 NFTs. The minting price is equivalent to 100 USDT, and there will be no additional issuance. Spirit Master has reached a cooperation with NiftyIN, a smart aggregation platform focusing on NFT and GameFi, recently. All on-chain NFTs in Spirit Master will be minted and issued on NiftyIN, and NiftyIN will provide Spirit Master with GameFi-related development, opreation and other customized APIs. To celebrate the…

    December 7, 2022
  • Read | PlatON and Google Cloud Become Partners, Significantly

    Author:HaolanThe following content is my personal opinion, it does not represent any investment advice.If you appreciate it, please like, comment, and share! According to official news, Google Cloud and PlatON, a privacy AI computing network, have officially entered into a partnership. PlatON will combine its advanced technology with Google’s multi-layered business segments to jointly build a blockchain industry ecosystem, helping customers to carry out digital intelligence upgrades and injecting momentum into industrial digital transformation. For this information, we need to understand 2 basic points. PlatON has been working on blockchain…

    November 4, 2021
  • PlatONWorld Monthly | September

    The published articles A total of 112 reprinted articles were published, 60 articles from Chinese website, 50 articles from English website and 2 articles from Korean website. Original selection Explore the whole picture, the blueprint behind the LOGO — Interpretation of the PlatON 2.0 White Paper Click to read [REPLAY] PlatON AIR#9 | PlatON Whitep Aper 2.0,How We Enter Web 3.0 Click to read [REPLAY] PlatON AIR#8 | Building PlatON Privacy Community Together Click to read [REPLAY] PlatON AIR#7 | How to build a strong community Click to read Community…

    October 14, 2021
  • PlatON AIR #8 | Building PlatON Privacy Community Together

    We are excited to have PlatONWorld Community Ambassador Haolan and PlatON CTO James to talk about building PlatON privacy community together PlatON AIR on Spaces at 11:30 AM(UTC) on Sept.16.

    September 15, 2021
  • [Important Announcement] Samurai 8.1.1 Update Announcement (20210902)

    Background Due to the migration of the PlatON Dev Network nodes on September 1, 2021, however, the original release of Samurai had the PlatON Dev Network and Alaya Dev Network nodes configured using ip addresses, resulting in the PlatON Dev Network currently being unavailable in Samurai 8.1.0 and prior versions. Updates. Samurai version 8.1.1 will correct the way nodes are configured, with the following main changes. 1, PlatON Dev Network rpc address ( 2, PlatON Dev Network Faucet address ( 3, Alaya Dev Network rpc address ( Installation Warm Prompt:…

    September 2, 2021
  • PlatON Workshop 3 | PlatON Network Consensus Algorithm Explanation

    PlatON Grant Hackathon Workshop 3 Speaker: JamesQu, PlatON CTO Theme: PlatON Network Consensus Algorithm Explanation: Deploy and run a node connecting to testnet in real time Demonstrate and explain the Giskard rotating block generating mechanism Explain the three stages of Block consensus state Time: UTC: 11:00 Sep 3,2021 Live Streaming:  Youtube Live Streaming: BiliBili Live Streaming: Resources: PlatON DevNetwork faucet: to the Devnetwork: Consensus Solution:

    September 2, 2021
  • Daily View | Tuesday July 6

    The following content is organized and provided by PlatONWorld for the purpose of spreading more information and has nothing to do with PlatONWorld’s position. The content is from a third-party platform, and the accuracy, authenticity, completeness, validity, and real-time nature of the information are not guaranteed. 【LAT】 Total issuance Circulation Pledge rate Total pledge Number of addresses 10,250,000,000 125,950,000 31.51% 1,148,262,349.75 40,479 Data source: 【Quotes】 Trading pair 24 hours high 24 hours low 24-hour trading volume LAT/USDT 0.2333 0.2200 3,635,901 BTC/USDT 34554.64 33128.99 19,568 ETH/USDT 2307.96 2158.00 311,081 Data…

    July 6, 2021
  • PlatONWorld Site Owner Project Recruitment Plan

    | Background is a multilingual, resource-navigating and content-oriented growing community platform for global PlatON and Alaya eco-members and users. PlatONWorld creates a communication channel for global users to quickly learn and understand PlatON and Alaya-related information, and a bridge to quickly participate in eco-applications and events PlatONWorld is also an interactive platform for a community of enthusiasts.PlatONWorld. Up to now, 3 sites are already online in English, Chinese and Korean. In order to better promote PlatON ecological construction, we hope to recruit subsite operation teams in various languages in…

    June 30, 2021
  • The navigation station of PlatONWorld officially launched

    The navigation station of PlatONWorld is officially launched today. At present, #the navigation station of PlatONWorld # has set up a bilingual version in both Chinese and English. The first batch of tags aggregate browser, wallet, developer resources, document tools, community, ecological team, exchange, market, information and other sectors, realizing the multi-channel function of one-stop directly connect to PlatON. More plates are still in the process of improvement. In the future, we will provide you with more abundant and comprehensive information on relevant channels of PlatON PlatONWorld navigation station:…

    June 11, 2021
  • Architecture

    Overview Privacy-Preserving Computing Infrastructure With the rapid growth of the Internet, the Internet giants represented by FAANG and BAT, by virtue of their technological monopoly status, have collected and stored enormous user data. And with the use of big data and AI, they are enjoying data monopoly and acquiring huge business benefits. Users not only fail to obtain data dividends, but also bear the risk of personal privacy being violated and personal data being abused. The Next Generation Internet is a serverless Internet and a decentralized network. In this Internet,…

    May 10, 2021
  • Intro to validator

    What is a validator? PlatON is a blockchain project that implements democratic governance. Validators are jointly selected by all LAT holders to maintain and develop the PlatON network. The 201 nodes with the most votes will become alternative nodes, from which 43 validators will be randomly selected by VRF to participate in the management of the entire PlatON network. The responsibilities of a validator are: Maintaining PlatON nodes and network Production and validating the blocks Proposal voting and decision-making Basic requirements to become a validator Minimum staking requirements Minimum staking…

    May 10, 2021
  • Run a validator node

    This guide demonstrates how to install the PlatON Node software on Linux. System Requirements Server: Server and backup server running PlatON software (both have a firewall) Memory: 8GB RAM Local storage: 100GB system disk, 200GB data disk (can be expanded online) Processor: 64-bit 4 cores (each core above 2.4 GHz) Bandwidth: 5 MB/sec (can be expanded online) Installation Overview It takes three or four steps to install a new node, which depends on the operating system used. Please refer to here for details.

    May 10, 2021
  • MTool online tutorial

    Introductory To facilitate node transfer, pledge, delegate, and governance operations, PlatON provides MTool to assist users: PlatON MTool supports Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. This document describes the installation and use of Windows and Ubuntu, respectively. Users can choose from their own resources. PlatON MTool provides two signature methods for transactions such as pledge: online signature and offline signature.This document describes online signing operations. For offline signing operations, refer to the Offline PlatON MTool Manual。 Install PlatON MTool In addition, this document introduces the operation of PlatON MTool under Windows and…

    May 9, 2021
  • MTool offline tutorial

    Introduction In order to facilitate node transfer, pledge, delegation and governance and other related operations, PlatON provides PlatON MTool to assist users: PlatON MTool can support Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. This document describes the installation and use under Windows and Ubuntu environments respectively. Users can choose according to their own resources. PlatON MTool provides two signature methods for pledge transactions: online signature and offline signature. This document describes offline signature operations. For online signature operations, please refer to Online PlatON MTool Tutorial. The main process of PlatON MTool offline signature…

    May 8, 2021
  • Economic model

    Public Blockchain design principles One of the core problems of economics research is the rational allocation of scarce resources. The public blockchain is an open, free, and distributed system that everyone can participate in. A well-designed economic model can ensure the reasonable allocation of public blockchain resources on the premise of maximizing the interests of participants, and at the same time align the interests of each participant with the overall interests of the public blockchain, so that it can pursue its own economic interests while also can contribute to the…

    May 7, 2021
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