[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 06.01–06.15]

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 06.01–06.15]

PlatON, initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, is a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain and supported by the privacy-preserving computation network. “Computing interoperability” is its core feature. By building a computing system assembled by Verifiable Computation, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and other cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology, PlatON provides a public infrastructure in open source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers and various organizations, communities and individuals with computing needs.


👉PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 06.01–06.15]

PlatON, the privacy AI computing network, and Obsidian Labs, a blockchain technology team, has announced the launch of PlatON Studio, a powerful and easy-to-use graphical IDE developer tool to assist developers with smart contract development in PlatON and the PlatON meta-network Alaya.

👉PlatON Presents a Secure Multi-Party Computation Ceremony Lumino

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 06.01–06.15]

PlatON, a global leader in the field of privacy-preserving computation, is happy to announce the release of Lumino, a two-month computation ceremony, promoting collaborative efforts in developing the privacy-preserving computation technology.

👉LatticeX Foundation Reached Strategic Partnership with xNFT Protocol

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 06.01–06.15]

Recently, xNFT Protocol and LatticeX Foundation sought and promoted to reach a deep consensus with PlatON for fully integrating its product matrix into PlatON’s ecosystem, so as to enrich the products system of PlatON NFT with DigiCenter Digital Collection Wallet, xNFT Oracle Price Prediction Machine, NFTPark On-Chain Encryption Art Gallery, etc., and endow both platforms and products more underlying innovation and business value by working together.

Technical Progress

Alaya underlayer plans to release version 0.16.0. The version is developed together with the community to mainly solve the following problems and demands:

1. Fixed the erroneous node information caused by the total weight error (see issue-1654) when a node is re-returned to the validator after being locked with a zero-out block penalty;

2. Fixed the issue of having to pass in gasPrice for the prediction of a governance contract when predicting the gas interface (see issue-1758);

3. The issue of occasional return of error code -32000 when calling (see issue-1769);

4. The error of judgment logic of the extra field of the Genesis block (see issue-1757);

5. Fixed the problem of BAD BLOCK after node fast sync failure (see issue-1783);

6. Fixed the problem of wrong platon_caller value when WASM is called across contracts (see issue-1779);

7. Fixed the problem of account errors caused by the inability of claiming delegate earnings (see issue-1583);

8. The node process name was changed from platon to alaya, and the parameter — alaya is no longer need to be specified in the start command;

9. Optimized the transaction propagation strategy by sending transaction hash values for nodes that do not broadcast transactions directly (see issue-1780);

10. Supported the feature of RPC returning the chainid (see EIP-695);

11. Adjusted the expectation value of the cumulative binomial distribution function based on the community’s proposal on the random election of nodes for block generation on the Alaya network (refer to issue-1785).

Technical Preparatory Group

Released the first drafts of community developer governance and developer incentive program

  1. PlatON Community-Based Development & Governance Guideline (First Draft)
  2. Released the Developer Community Governance Implementation Rules (First Draft)
  3. The first issue of Developer Bounty Program is released, and we encourage community developers to sign up and participate

Organized the sixth Community Developer Meeting

The sixth community developer meeting was held on June 11.

The meeting introduced the community to the developer community governance model and the developer funding program. The recent version iteration plan and progress of PPlatON and Alaya were also updated. The meeting also collected valid suggestions and advice from developers.

For more details, please see the minutes of the meeting (to be provided). (Meeting link: https://github.com/PlatONnetwork/meeting/issues/8)

Application Ecology Group

Application Ecosystem Diagram

1. The external version of application ecosystem diagram and plan has been published at https://forum.latticex.foundation/t/topic/5137, for the community to discuss and provide advice;

2. Promote follow-up ecological work and announce progress milestones through an application ecology group composed of community volunteers;

3. Application ecology AMA; the activities are organized item by item around the publication plan of the application ecosystem diagram.

Polkadot Cross Chain:

1. PlatON/Polkadot cross-chain adaptation has been completed based on the new version of samurai;

2. Five multi-signature witnesses have been deployed and validated on the test networks of Alaya and Kusama respectively;

3. The official cross-chain deployment is expected to take place on June 15.


The amount of changes is currently under internal validation, and the PlatON testing is going to be deployed in mid-June;


The DAO processing solution, designed and advanced by community volunteers, is entering the refinement stage, helping the reaching of consensuses and the emerging of innovative projects in the Alaya/PlatON community, with community discussions expected to take place next week.

Ecological Progress — — Distributed Finance

R&D Progress

1. Samurai: 8.1.0, the version supporting multi-network switch, has been released on June 4

2. Privacy dex V1.0: MPC ceremony for zk-snarks completed development and testing

3. Privacy dex V2.0:

  • BLS completed self-test of the verified contract
  • Merkletree hash algorithm integration completed, and component development underway
  • Interface sorting and design4. On-chain privacy: demo design started

Ecological Progress — — Grants

1. PlatON and Polka cross-chain platform PlatDot

Based on the new version of samurai, PlatON/Polkadot cross-chain adaptation has been completed; five multi-signature witnesses have been deployed and validated in Alaya/Kusama test networks; official cross-chain deployment is expected on June 15.

2. PlatEye Blockchain Explorer

Progress: Alaya Block Explorer has entered Milestone 2 acceptance, and issues found are being fixed. PlatON blockchain browser has completed basic functionality adaptation. Website: https://plateye.com/

3. Lato-NFT supporting threshold signature and NFT auction

Progress: Functional testing and tuning are underway, as well as BUG fix testing and user-friendly optimization. Community testing activities are under preparation and expected to be released in the forum by next Monday.

4. PlatON-CLI Java Version

Progress: the second phase of development is completed, mainly including wallet management, staking lock module, chain basic query and other functions, and community acceptance staff recruitment is underway. Community testing is planned for the end of June. Project repository:https://github.com/aviland/platoncli-java/tree/develop

5. PlatON Ruby SDK

Progress: overall progress: 95%, relevant codes have been submitted to GitHub; relevant manuals are to be completed, which is scheduled to deliver next week. Project repository:https://github.com/viaNull/client-sdk-ruby

6. PlatON Go SDK

Progress: the built-in contract has completed the calling of all functions, including the delegating, governance, staking, and staking lock; it is in the stage of contract debugging with deploy solidity. Project repository:https://github.com/aviland/platoncli-java/tree/develop/

7. ZK-Rollups based AMM + order book form of privacy Dex: QinGahSwap

Progress: Milestone 2 has completed 35% of the overall progress, with the integration of the Market Trading Module, the Limit Trading Module, as well as the Privacy Solution completed. The development of the SWAP contract module is scheduled to begin next week.

8. Synthetic Asset Project: Pumo

Progress: the first stage demo has delivered, providing support for ATP and aETH collateral synthesis stable coin. We invite the community to experience and test together:

Ecological Progress — — Moliantech aitos.io

On June 3rd, a forum on urban renewal with temperature was held in Qinhuai District of Nanjing. The forum was presided over by Zhang Tai, governor of Qinhuai District. Han Liming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and secretary of the CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee, delivered an opening speech. Lin Tao, secretary of the Qinhuai District Party Committee, released the Qinhuai District’s “14th Five-Year” urban renewal action plan.The People’s Government of Qinhuai District and Wanxiang Blockchain, Kege IoT and aitos.io announced the strategic cooperation project of Internet of Things + Blockchain Industry Innovation Center

The final and award ceremony of “Fusion Technology, Enabling Industry” 2021 Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) Blockchain Application Innovation Competition was held in Shanghai Science Hall International Conference Hall at 9 am on June 6th.The participating project “BoAT Blockchain Application Framework — Trustworthy Digital Base for Enabling the Internet of Things” of aitos.io was selected for the final as the first place in the final round of the innovation group, and finally won the first prize in the wonderful road show on the day.

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