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10,250,000,000 159,100,000 32.9%    1,221,691,445.73 44,844
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【10 days node data】

October 16 201167108
October 15201167108
October 14 201167108
October 13 201 17 5 109
October 12 201185108
October 11201185108
October 10 201185108
October 09 201194108
October 08 201221108
October 07 201222107
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【Industry News】

Meituan Bike Digital RMB pilot program has attracted more than 1 million users to open digital RMB personal wallets

According to news on October 15th, the first report card of the Meituan Bicycle Digital RMB pilot program was handed in today: As of October 14, the Meituan Bicycle Digital RMB pilot program that has been online for one month has attracted more than 1 million users to open a digital RMB individual Wallet, a total of 8,899,600 green riding kilometers have been generated. Compared with driving a fuel truck, it is estimated that the carbon emissions can be reduced by about 2,400 tons under the same transportation volume. The relevant person in charge of the Meituan financial service platform stated that users have transformed their enthusiasm for digital renminbi into a driving force for green travel, and the pilot activities of digital renminbi have an obvious pulling effect on the frequency of green travel. According to his introduction, statistics show that in the same period of time, the green travel frequency of users after opening a digital renminbi personal wallet is 3.34% higher on average than before. At the same time, the green travel frequency of users who have opened digital renminbi personal wallets is 8.14% higher than that of ordinary users on average. Industry insiders believe that the Meituan Bicycle Pilot has built a “green finance + green scenario” model, which matches the promotion of digital renminbi with a green and low-carbon scenario that is close to the people’s daily life, and provides an opportunity for subsequent use of digital renminbi to lead green development. The useful reference will also further verify the technical design and system stability of the digital renminbi business, as well as the ease of use of the product.

Bloomberg: The US Securities Regulatory Commission may approve the first BTC futures ETF, or it will start trading next week

On October 15th, Bloomberg cited sources familiar with the matter and pointed out that the US Securities Regulatory Commission may approve the first US btc futures ETF, which will become a turning point for the cryptocurrency industry. An anonymous person familiar with the matter said that regulators are unlikely to block the product from starting trading next week. Unlike the previously rejected BTC ETFs, Proshares and Invesco Ltd. are futures-based ETFs that follow mutual fund laws and comply with what SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said “can provide important investor protection.” As of Bloomberg’s press release, spokespersons for the SEC and ProShares have declined requests for comment, and Invesco Ltd. has not yet responded. Unless there is a reversal at the last moment, the issuance of Bitcoin futures ETFs will become another climax in the ETF industry with a market value of US$6.7 trillion in the past decade. Supporters see this as a sign that cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream.

Daily View | Saturday October 16


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