[ANNOUNCEMENT] ATON has been updated to version 1.1.0 and now supports WalletConnect

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ATON has been updated to version 1.1.0 and now supports WalletConnect

Recently, WalletConnect is now supported in the updated ATON version 1.1.0, which aims to fully enhance the ease of use and eco-expansion of ATON, bringing users a more convenient and secure product experience.

WalletConnect is a service that supports connection to desktop DApps via swipe authorization. It is like an intercity express train that brings desktop applications and mobile wallets closer together, allowing users to easily connect to desktop DApps.

WalletConnect is essentially an open protocol for secure communication between a Dapp and a wallet. The protocol establishes a remote pairing between two applications and/or devices, using a relay server to relay the payload. These payloads are symmetrically encrypted by a shared key between the two peers. The pairing is initiated by the party displaying the QR code or with the standard WalletConnect URI address and is established when the other party agrees to this pairing request.

Now that the WalletConnect standard is officially supported by ATON [not yet supported by Watch Wallet and Cold Wallet], you can not only enable mobile DApps to interact with ATON, but also use ATON to authorise any desktop DApp that supports the standard by sweeping the code, without having to worry about asset security.

As a DApp developer, you will need to understand the basics of the Walletconnect integration to enable your users to sign transactions generated by your DApp locally in the ATON wallet.

The details of how to use this are as follows.

01. Desktop DApp selects to connect using WalletConnect

02. Click on [Swipe] in the top right corner of the ATON home page and select Wallet to complete authorisation

03. To confirm the operation, do [Confirm] in ATON

Operation demonstration video.

Demonstration demo of the WalletConnect Dapp for ATON on GitHub:

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