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【10 days node data】

March 08201176142
March 07201176142
March 06201177141
March 05201186141
March 04201175141
March 03201184141
March 02201184141
March 01201184141
February 28201184141
February 27201184141
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

National People’s Congress deputy Gao Yu:Vigilance and Prevention of “Overzealousness” towards the Metaverse

The Chongqing Daily reported on 8 March that Gao Yu, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and executive director of Chongqing Pu Yuwei Technology Innovation Centre, made a proposal to strengthen the regulation of the “meta-universe” industry, which should be vigilant and prevent the hype of the ‘meta-universe’ concept, which is full of traps. Gao Yu said: “In addition to the positive aspects of the new “metaverse”, it also gives rise to various problems, and it needs to be regulated by law to effectively promote its healthy development. She believes that the legal system of the “metaverse” should include at least three parts: First, the reshaping and adjustment of the real law to provide a good guide for regulating the personality of virtual subjects; second, the Legal norms for transactions, data, security, etc. that guarantee the proper functioning of the “metaverse” economic and social system; third, the Laws and regulations regulating the development and application of the “metaverse”. Gao Yu said that while relevant laws and regulations and ethical codes should be formulated to guide the development of the “meta-universe” industry, there should also be an ongoing discussion on its governance model and a forward-looking exploration of its regulatory mechanism.

New Investments in Cryptocurrency Funds Tripled last Week to the Highest Level in Three Months

A report released by digital asset manager CoinShares on Monday showed $127 million in net inflows into digital asset funds in the week ended March 4, with a regional breakdown including $151 million in inflows in the Americas and $24 million in outflows in Europe, Golden Finance reported. Despite outflows from European markets, new investment flows into cryptocurrency funds tripled last week to the highest level in almost three months. This follows a record high in BTC holdings by funds and ETFs, as reported on 4 March.

Daily View | Tuesday March 08


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