Privacy computing network cloud environment description (supplement)

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Steps to reset the environment

If the user has misconfigured the startup parameters during the deployment process, strictly follow these steps to re-build the network

  1. first go to the administration console and log out of the network identity
  2. [ stop ] in the deployment script
  3. [cleanup] in the deployment script
  4. modify [inventory.ini] in the deployment script
  5. [deploy] in the deployment script
  6. [start] in the deployment script

Data templates

In view of the fact that the metadata uploaded by some users does not work properly for the privacy calculation task, we have provided the corresponding dataset template for your reference:
Privacy computing network cloud environment description (supplement)

Metis-Deploy/data-resource-demo at ansible Β· Metisnetwork/Metis-Deploy


Contribute to Metisnetwork/Metis-Deploy development by creating an account on GitHub.

Release Notes 0308 during the event

If you are deploying a node, be sure to update it!

Steps for users to update the latest packages in the administration console

Step 1: First delete (admin.jar & admin.tar) from the publisher’s download directory

Go to ~/metis-deploy/metis-deploy/downloads directory of the publisher and manually delete admin.jar and admin.tar

Step 2: Get the update package to the distribution machine

On the distribution machine, execute the command.

ansible-playbook --ask-sudo-pass local_prepare.yml

Step 3: Modify the corresponding configuration options in inventory.ini

Modify inventory.ini to the following: (Note: you are not replacing the entire contents of inventory.ini with the following, but only modifying the options in this section to the values shown below)

# Deploy service switch
enable_deploy_via = False
enable_deploy_carrier = False
enable_deploy_admin = True
enable_deploy_data = False
enable_deploy_compute = False
enable_deploy_consul = False

Step 4: Disable the metis admin service on the target machine

On the publishing machine, execute the command.

ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini stop.yml 

Step 5: Replace the update package on the target machine

Execute the command on the release machine.

ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini deploy.yml

Step 6: Start the metis administration console admin service

Execute the command on the release machine.

ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini start.yml

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