ShowMe is now live on PlatON

ShowMe is now live on PlatON

ShowMe, as the first SocialFi application of the PlatON ecosystem, has officially launched on the PlatON on April 8. ShowMe will carry out comprehensive cooperation with multiple communities and applications in the PlatON ecosystem in order to flourish the new Web3.0 social relationship.

ShowMe is the first NFT-based Web3 SocialFi application hatched by Hogwarts Labs. Its core functions are subscription and PONA as an on-chain NFT achievement system. Based on PONA, ShowMe is able to accurately measure the value of each PlatON users in projects, communities, KOLs, DAOs, and GameFi through various types of NFTs such as levels, tasks, events etc.

In the long run, ShowMe expects to serve and accumulate more users through excellent products, and allows each user to benefit from their own data ownership and rights, thereby empowering the PlatON ecosystem. PlatON is committed to building a privacy-preserving AI network, so as to provide infrastructure services for Web3 to ensure its data security, confirmation and circulation.

About ShowMe

ShowMe is a subscription NFT social network built on Web3.0 that supports creators to set a variety of subscription methods for entering the Club. In the long run, ShowMe expects to serve creators through excellent products to benefit users by returning data ownership to users.

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