LatticeX-Foundation | Opentss Officially Open-source

LatticeX-Foundation | Opentss Officially Open-source

1/ Initiated and Supported by the LatticeX Foundation, Open TSS is Now Officially Open-source. Open TSS’s technical achievements have been applied to @PlatON_Network.

2/ Open TSS has officially announced that its latest protocol code base is now open-source, with codes implemented using the safe, efficient Rust. Additionally, the project also supports one-stop ECDSA MPC Keygen and MPC Sign.

3/ Developers can quickly create MPC wallets and generate keys with the code of Open TSS. In the future, Open TSS, positioned as a provider of blockchain security services, will provide blockchain wallets and hosting companies with underlying architectures and security services.

4/ Open TSS, initiated and supported by the LatticeX Foundation, aims to work together with top cryptography researchers on the design and implementation of a secure, high-performance Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS).

Open TSS code:…

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