PlatON Monthly Report: May 2024

01—Technological Progress


1) Fixed the abnormal exit issue caused by discovery mode;

2)Developed PlatON version 1.6.0, which is compatible with the features of Ethereum v1.11.0.

PlatON Wallet

1) PlatON Wallet 1.4.5: The wallet component now supports multiple fiat currency OFF Ramp channels, including Brazilian Real (BRL), Philippine Peso (PHP), and Indian Rupee (INR). Development has been completed and it is now live.

2)PlatON Wallet 1.4.6: Added the D-Lite Card module. Development has been completed and it is currently undergoing internal testing.


1) Added the Polygon channel, which is now live;

2)Updated the TRON and ETHEREUM channels, upgraded KYT supplier services, and they are now live;

3)The Payment Links function is now live.

02—PlatON News

[TOPOS ZKPAY Debuts at Money 20/20 Asia, Attracting Widespread Attention from Traditional Banks and Financial Institutions]

The digital public infrastructure PlatON made its appearance at Money 20/20 Asia, showcasing the innovative payment method TOPOS ZKPAY. This technology has captured the attention of numerous traditional banks and financial institutions, which have shown a keen interest in innovative financial technology solutions that enhance privacy and security.

TOPOS ZKPAY is a digital payment solution that utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, allowing it to verify the validity of transactions without disclosing any transaction details. This system not only preserves user privacy but also complies with regulatory standards where necessary.


[PlatON Ecosystem Project NiftyIN Officially Launches VR Web3 Collaboration with TynmoSpace]

TynmoSpace is the world’s first VR Web3 social platform, dedicated to providing immersive virtual reality experience. Their first Dapp, Hash Oasis, is now live on Steam for testing, providing users with emotional companionship. TynmoSpace supports NFT and multiple tokens, opening up new possibilities for the integration of VR technology and blockchain.

PlatON Monthly Report: May 2024

04—Community Events

[PlatON India and Crypto TVOT Host Joint Online AMA Event]

On May 31st at 13:00 UTC, PlatON India will be a guest at the Crypto TVOT Telegram group for an online AMA event. The event will include a project introduction, Twitter questions, and a live segment, with participants having a chance to win rewards.

PlatON Monthly Report: May 2024

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