PlatON and DCS Innov Establish Strategic Alliance

PlatON and DCS Innov Establish Strategic Alliance

PlatON and DCS Innov enter into a deep strategic partnership to embed select payments and credit services within its blockchain infrastructure technology. We help DCS Innov to broaden and accelerate the utility of DCS Tokens (DUSD) across the realms of Web2 and Web3.

PlatON’s collaboration with DCS Card Centre started from the pivotal launch of the first digital payment token in Singapore in 2023. Since then, PlatON has consistently kept the security, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency of its digital token management system above par.

Our alliance with DCS Innov will now herald a new era of blockchain-powered financial innovation.

Our shared vision is to revolutionize payment clearing by creating a dynamic and inclusive digital currency ecosystem. Through synergizing blockchain, smart contracts and AI, our partnership is poised to unlock unprecedented possibilities in Web3 finance, fostering a more inclusive and robust financial landscape overall.

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