Phase One Reward of One Million LAT will be Issued this Week

Phase One Reward of One Million LAT will be Issued this Week

On March 8, the network snapshot of the tally of the first 1 million LAT reward for Alaya network supporters was completed. All validators and deposited earning accounts eligible for the reward have been tallied, and the reward distribution will be completed no later than this Friday.

The event aims at rewarding validators and community members who have been supporting the operation and development of the Alaya network. They will share a total prize pool of 1 million LAT, with 500,000 LAT each for validators and deposited earning accounts.

After counting of the snapshot data, the reward for the eligible validators (Alaya is the latest version on the day of tally and is active or in candidate, with no violations) is about 0.0537LAT/block; the reward for the eligible deposited earning accounts (with no violations) is about 0.908LAT/ATP deposited earning.

The rewards will be distributed to the validator’s earnings account and the wallet address accounts of community members with deposited earnings through the distribution of aLAT in the Alaya network. The distribution is in progress.

Once again, we would like to thank all validators and community members for their active participation and long-term support to the Alaya Network. We have launched the “500 Million LAT Support Program” to reward the supporters of the Alaya Network in order to drive the continued growth of Alaya. Please look forward to our next LAT Rewards event.

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