• 【Manual】Alaya 0.16.3( Opportunity)Version upgrade operation manual

    English Version Info ChainID: 201018 Version: 0.16.3 Git Commit: 3cc9c754fb9d56afd5200edb7d6e8d4a0e8a7dc3 Binary Document: 1. Upgrade Instruction ​ ​ If you are using the 0.16.1 or 0.16.2 version, please jump to Step 3 for the upgrade. Version 0.16.1 Info$ alaya version Version: 0.16.1-unstable Git Commit: 76b3b19b70d6c9a7f0dcc3119471613e3c84dc24 Version 0.16.2 Info$ alaya version Version: 0.16.2-unstable Git Commit: 430aecb60a61a10613835f4f014f0ecb5a72af5c 2. ** Upgrade Notice** ​ The following notices are for the upgrade from 0.16.0 to 0.16.3. 2.1 About CPU, RAM, and Disk ​During the upgrade, part of the historical data will be migrated to the Freezer database. This will…

    February 15, 2022
  • 【Upgrade】Alaya 0.16.3(Opportunity)Version Upgrade Announcement

    English Opportunity (0.16.3) version has released. Supported by the core development team, it is an optimized version for the problem PlatON-issue-1885 in response to recent feedbacks from validators on graph-node support. New Features Add PlatON-issue-1885 to support graphql interface at the bottom layer Merge Ethereum’s optimization of command line parameters 20935 and node’s refactoring 21105 Add instruction support for convertType on abigen Statement Optimization 20935 involves changes to the startup command. Though the new version is compatible with the old command line parameters, we suggest you use the new flags. Please use alaya –help to check or refer to the development manual. This version is…

    February 15, 2022
  • Alaya network node upgrade instructions — V0.16.2

    Version InfoChainID: 201018Version: 0.16.2Git Commit: 430aecb60a61a10613835f4f014f0ecb5a72af5cBinary Document: 1. Upgrade Instructions If you are using the 0.16.1 version, please to Step 3 for the upgrade. $ alaya versionVersion: 0.16.1-unstableGit Commit: 76b3b19b70d6c9a7f0dcc3119471613e3c84dc24 2. Upgrade Notice The following notices are for the upgrade from 0.16.0 to 0.16.1. However, if you didn’t upgrade to 0.16.1, you could also directly upgrade to 0.16.2. Even so, these reminders would also be helpful. 2.1 About CPU, RAM and Disk During the upgrade, part of the historical data will be migrated to the Freezer database. This will take up more…

    December 9, 2021
  • [Important Announcement] Samurai 8.1.1 Update Announcement (20210902)

    Background Due to the migration of the PlatON Dev Network nodes on September 1, 2021, however, the original release of Samurai had the PlatON Dev Network and Alaya Dev Network nodes configured using ip addresses, resulting in the PlatON Dev Network currently being unavailable in Samurai 8.1.0 and prior versions. Updates. Samurai version 8.1.1 will correct the way nodes are configured, with the following main changes. 1, PlatON Dev Network rpc address ( 2, PlatON Dev Network Faucet address ( 3, Alaya Dev Network rpc address ( Installation Warm Prompt:…

    September 2, 2021
  • Phase One Reward of One Million LAT will be Issued this Week

    On March 8, the network snapshot of the tally of the first 1 million LAT reward for Alaya network supporters was completed. All validators and deposited earning accounts eligible for the reward have been tallied, and the reward distribution will be completed no later than this Friday. The event aims at rewarding validators and community members who have been supporting the operation and development of the Alaya network. They will share a total prize pool of 1 million LAT, with 500,000 LAT each for validators and deposited earning accounts. After counting of…

    March 6, 2021
  • Alaya releases PIP-14 proposal and will upgrade to version 0.15.0

    Since the official release of the PlatON meta-network Alaya, it has been running steadily for more than three months with the support of all validators and community memebers. In order to enhance the robustness of the Alaya network and the user experience, Alaya released the PIP-14 and started an on-chain vote. This proposal mainly focuses on the optimization and upgrade of the Alaya network, which will be upgraded to version 0.15.0 to improve the quality of network service. The vote began at 15:00 on January 30, 2021 (GMT+8), and will…

    January 30, 2021
  • Alaya Will Introduce Its Cross-chain System to Connect Ethereum to Alaya Network

    PlatON’s meta network Alaya will launch its revolutionary cross-chain system for all Ethereum users to transfer their ETH/USDT to Alaya network. This cross-chain system, developed with PlatON’s high security underlying network, high performance and low service costs, will address the existing issues on Ethereum that cause the cooldown of DeFi, such as low performance, low efficiency on transaction confirmation, high service fee, and low profits for users, etc. Furthermore, Alaya’s cross-chain system will solve the dilemma that cryptocurrencies can’t circulate smoothly, and the values can’t transmit to each other. Compelling Cross-chain Incentive…

    December 1, 2020
  • Alaya Consensus Mechanism — BFT Consensus Protocol

    Alaya network applies CBFT (Concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerance) based on partially synchronous to solve the consensus efficiency issues of blockchain. Based on that, Alaya proposed an whole new consensus protocol called Giskard consensus protocol. Giskard combines the advantages of the mainstream excellent consensus protocols like PBFT, Tendermint and Hotstuff, enables multiple block productons in one view window by leaverging pipeline to complete the parallel processing of block production and verification. Moreover, it can switch the view windows with O(n2) to improve the consensus efficiency. According to the distributed system theory, there are three…

    November 17, 2020