PlatON Unveils State-of-the-art Web3 Payment Solutions at Money 20/20 Asia

PlatON Unveils State-of-the-art Web3 Payment Solutions at Money 20/20 Asia

At Money 20/20 Asia from April 23 to 25, digital public infrastructure PlatON showcased its latest advancements and real-world applications in deposit tokenization technology to a global audience through its cutting-edge Web3 payment solutions, including TOPOS MINT, a blockchain-based professional tokenized deposit issuance system, TOPOS RemiNet, a DEX-based open remittance network, and TOPOS, an on-chain payment acquiring product.

Deposit tokenization is a game-changing innovation in the fintech industry as it transforms the form and trading modes of traditional financial assets. By converting deposits into blockchain-based tokens, deposit tokenization not only boosts asset liquidity but also offers more efficient and cost-effective solutions for cross-border payments and financial transactions. As the demand for more flexible payment and settlement mechanisms continues to rise in the global financial markets, deposit tokenization technology is emerging as a crucial driver of innovation in the financial industry.

At Money 20/20 Asia, PlatON showcased cutting-edge technology that not only demonstrates its expertise in the fintech sector but also signifies a significant step forward in driving payment technology innovation. Engaging with fintech leaders from across the globe, PlatON discussed how blockchain can revolutionize the financial industry, while actively pursuing opportunities to expand its business and influence in the Asian market and beyond.

PlatON placed a spotlight on its TOPOS MINT tokenized deposit issuance system, offering financial institutions a solution to deploy compliant deposit tokens independently. This aims to provide stable crypto assets meeting regulatory requirements for the digital economy. Additionally, PlatON showcased TOPOS RemiNet, an open remittance network leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate fast and cost-effective cross-border payments, significantly enhancing global financial inclusivity.

PlatON presented two payment methods, QRPAY and ZKPAY, as part of its on-chain payment acquiring solutions. Embodying the decentralized and open nature of blockchain technology, the two products enable payment verification and fund settlement between merchants and users in both push payment and pull payment modes through smart contracts and zero-knowledge proof technology without relying on centralized key management institutions. This paves the way for a very promising technical solution for future fully decentralized commercial payment scenarios.

PlatON’s participation aimed to explore collaboration opportunities with global fintech leaders, driving the adoption and innovation of blockchain technology in Asia and around the world. Through interactive displays and professional discussions, PlatON provided attendees with a hands-on demonstration of its technology’s real-world applications and future development potential. At Money20/20 Asia, PlatON seeks to connect with various partners to collectively explore emerging opportunities for blockchain technology in fintech and achieve mutually beneficial development.

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